ICALP '98: Call for Papers and Workshops

                     Call for Papers and Workshops

                            I C A L P   '98

                     25th International Colloquium
                        on Automata, Languages,
                            and Programming

                          July 13 - 17, 1998
                        BRICS, Aalborg, Denmark

                           Important dates:
              Workshop suggestions due:  December 1, 1997
              Paper submissions due:     January 14, 1998
              Notification:              March 16, 1998
              Final Copies due:          April 17, 1998

The 25th annual meeting  of  the European Association for  Theoretical
Computer    Science (EATCS) will  be  hosted  by the  Center for Basic
Research in  Computer Science (BRICS) at  Aalborg University.  Aalborg
is the fourth largest city in Denmark.

The Programme Committee   represents    both tracks of    the  journal
Theoretical Computer Science,  covering algorithms and formal methods.
If enough good papers are submitted,  there will be parallel sessions.
Papers presenting original   contributions in any area of  theoretical
computer   science  are being sought.    Topics include  (but  are not
limited to):

  computability, automata, formal languages, new computing paradigms,
  term rewriting, analysis and design of algorithms, computational
  geometry, computational complexity, symbolic and algebraic
  computation, cryptography and security, data types and data
  structures, theory of data bases and knowledge bases, semantics of
  programming languages, program specification and verification,
  foundations of functional and logic programming, parallel and
  distributed computation, theory of concurrency, theory of robotics,
  theory of logical design and layout.

Authors are invited to submit seven copies of an extended abstract not
exceeding  12  pages by January 14,   1998.   Electronic submission of
papers    is  solicited.     Instructions     can    be  found      at
http://www.cs.auc.dk/icalp98/submit.html.   In addition  we     invite
suggestions for workshops by December 1, 1997.  All correspondence to

  Prof. Kim G. Larsen -- ICALP'98
  Department of Computer Science
  Aalborg University
  Fredrik Bajers Vej 7E
  DK - 9220 Aalborg

  e-mail: icalp98-subm@cs.auc.dk
Authors from countries where  access to copying machines is  difficult
may submit a single copy of their abstract. Simultaneous submission of
papers    to  any journal   or  to  another  conference with published
proceedings is not allowed.

Invited speakers

Gilles Brassard, University of Montreal
Mark Overmars, Utrecht University
Leslie G. Valiant, Harvard University
Avi Wigderson, Hebrew University
Martin Abadi, DEC
Andrew Pitts, Cambridge University
Thomas A. Henzinger, University of California at Berkeley
Amir Pnueli, Weizmann Institute

Programme committee

Kim G. Larsen, Aalborg (chair)

Sven Skyum, Aarhus (vice-chair)
Susanne Albers, Saarbrucken
Mark de Berg, Utrecht
Ronald Cramer, Zurich
Faith Fich, Toronto
Burkhard Monien, Paderborn
Mike Paterson, Warwick
Arto Salomaa, Turku
Mikkel Thorup, Copenhagen
Ugo Vaccaro, Salerno
Shmuel Zaks, Haifa

Glynn Winskel, Aarhus (vice-chair)
Gerard Boudol, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
Julian Bradfield, Edinburgh
Pierre-Louis Curien, Paris
Pierpaolo Degano, Pisa
Jean-Pierre Jouannaud, Paris
Edmund Robinson, QMW, London
Bernhard Steffen, Passau
Andrzej Tarlecki, Warsaw
Frits Vaandrager, Nijmegen

Organising Committee

Kim G. Larsen (chair)
Helle Andersen
Hans Huttel
Ole Hoegh Jensen
Lene Mogensen
Arne Skou


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