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               *                                *
               *      PhD Grants Available      *
               *      in Computer Science       *
               *         & Mathematics          *
               *                                *
At the department of Computer Science of the University of 
Rostock, Germany, several grants for PhD students are available.

The fields of study for these openings are:

  * Communication and network services.
  * Internet technology (Java, pull/push technic, protocols).
  * Applications of communication technology.
  * Formal methods for specifying distributed systems and their
    application on protocols, workflows and business processes.
  * Linear logic and algebraic methods for the specification of 
    distributed systems.  
  * Parallel computing on clusters and distributed systems.
The grants are provided on a yearly basis and can be renewed
for up to 4 years. The students shall pursue their studies and 
obtain a PhD in Computer Science. Collaboration in the other
tasks of the group (teaching, projects) is expected on a part
time basis, which will be discussed individually.  
The grants are available immediately and consist of monthly
payments of 1.800.- to 2.500.- DEM (german marks; at present
this is approx. USD 1000.- to 1400.- or GBP 650.- to 900.-) 
which are paid throughout the entire year (this includes summer 
months). The precise amount depends on qualification, age and 
personal situation.

Requirements for the grants are a Masters Degree in Computer Science
or in Mathematics (Bachelors Degrees considered on an individual
basis). Knowledge of the German language is good but not a must.

The successful candidates will work in an office at the Department,
modern computing equipment (Pentium 300Mhz, Sun Ultra 1, 2 and 30,
FastEthernet and GigabitEthernet, a communications laboratory) is
available. The candidate is expected to actively participate in 
the scientific life of the Department. Various opportunities for
project work and industrial cooperation are provided.

Rostock is a charming town in the northern part of Germany.
It has a flowering and very active Department of Computer
Science, presently with 12 professors. The Department is a 
member of the "Deutscher Fakultaetentag Informatik", an
association for academic quality control, presently consisting
of the Top 33 Computer Science Departments in Germany. 1997, the 
Department hosted a number of international conferences, among which 
there were ODSA, ARCS, ISSAC and IMC. 

Interested ?

Please contact Prof. Clemens Cap per email at 
cap@informatik.uni-rostock.de for more information.