vacant position

Tenured professorship in computer science is available
at the University of Reunion Island starting from September,
1, 1998. The person holding the position is intended to
enrich 30 staff members of IREMIA, the local research
laboratory composed of both computer scientist and
mathematicians. The laboratory is well equipped with Sparc
workstations and Mac computers.

The research interests of the applicant should be related
to one of the following items

      - formal verifications using model checking
          and theorem proving,
      - logic programming, constraint solving,
        concurrent constraint logic programming,
      - machine learning (both symbolic and numerical),
      - multi-agent systems.

Besides a PhD, one of the formal requirements is the French
diploma "Habilitation a diriger les recherches". However,
equivalent foreign diplomas (as e.g. German Habilitationsschrift)
are accepted. Moreover, candidates from countries where an
equivalent diploma does not exist are encouraged to apply,
provided that they justify a substantial experience in research,
teaching and research supervision.

Another requirement is the ability to teach in French at both
undergraduate and graduate levels.

The salary depends on experience but it is at least 276000 FRF
(46800 USD) p.a.

Reunion is a French overseas department in the Indian Ocean near
Mauritius and Madagascar. The surface area is 2512 square km and
the population is about 600 000 of various origins (Europe, Africa,
India, China). It is probably one of the most successful melting-pots
of the world where Christians, Muslims cohabit with Hinduists in
perfect harmony. The climate is mild with daily temperatures between
32 deg. C (summer) and 24 deg. C (winter) at sea level. The island
is mountainous with the highest summit above 3000m. The recreation
activities practiced in the island include surfing, windsurfing,
sailing, diving, hiking, climbing, canyoning, rafting and

Interested candidates may e-mail knapik@univ-reunion.fr
and send a CV to the following address by November, 1, 1997:

                      Teodor Knapik
                      Universite de la Reunion
                      BP 7151
                      97715 SAINT DENIS Messageries Cedex 9

Applicants will be informed by e-mail about the official