Research Position at Stanford

Department of Computer Science
Research Associate

Research Group in the Computer Science Department seeks qualified
applicants for a Research Associate position.  The objective of the
project is to develop methods for ensuring semantic consistency
between parts of software systems. In particular, it will be necessary
to protect systems against errors resulting from faulty modules, or
errors introduced as a result of transmitting code across an insecure
network. One approach to this problem is to transmit a program together
with a proof that certain errors will not occur. Another approach is
to augment a system with on-line test modules that monitor the behavior
of potentially faulty components. Expertise in any of the following
topics may prove useful: formal methods, automated logical tools,
model checking, cryptography, protocol analysis, probabilistic methods,
type systems, linear logic, Java compiler, virtual machine, and Java
security. Duties include independent research, working with graduate
students and other members of the research project, including
collaborators at other institutions, and attending research meetings.
Applicants must have Ph.D. in Computer Science or relevant discipline.
Previous implementation experience will be a plus. Salary will depend on
the candidate's qualifications. Send resume and at least three references to
Professor John Mitchell, Department of Computer Science,  Gates Bldg. 4b,
Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-9030; mitchell@cs.stanford.edu
(e-mail preferred).

(Addendum: since lots of ad are being posted with specific salary
figures, I'll try to clarify. I believe the Univ minumum salary
for research assoc is around $60K/yr. Starting date and length of 
appointment are negotiable. - jcm)