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Concerning linguistic (and NLP) applications,
you must also add works by :

J. Lambek,
M. Moortgat,
M. Abrusci,
C. Casadio,
A. Lecomte and C. Retore

see all the proceedings of the Roma workshop
(every year since 1993)


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Some references about LL and AI:

1) Deductive Planning
- M. Masseron, C. Tollu, J. Vauzeilles : "Generating Plans in Linear Logic
: I. Actions as proofs". Theoretical Computer Science B, vol. 113, juin
1993, p. 349-370.
- M. Masseron : "Generating Plans in Linear Logic : II. A geometry of
conjunctive actions". Theoretical Computer Science B, vol. 113, juin 1993,
p. 371-375.

2) Hierarchies with exceptions, (and database updates based on the previous

- M. Kanovich, J. Vauzeilles : "Exceptions and Upgrades within the Naive
Set Theory based on Light Linear Logic" (Manuscript)

- C. Fouqueri, J. Vauzeilles : "Linear Logic for Taxonomical Networks and
Database Updates", Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, vol.3,
1996, Proceedings of the Workshop on Linear Logic, Tokyo, Japan, March

- C. Fouqueri and J. Vauzeilles :  "Inheritance with exceptions: an attempt
at formalization with linear connectives in Unified Logic", Advances in
Linear Logic, J.-Y. Girard and Y. Lafont and L. Regnier (id.), pp.167-196,
Cambridge University Press,  1995.

- C. Fouqueri and J. Vauzeilles : "Linear logic and exceptions". Journal of
Logic and Computation, Vol. 4, n0 6, pp. 859-875, 1994.

- C. Fouqueri, J. Vauzeilles : "Taxonomic Linear Theories". ECSQARU 93, pp.
121-128, Grenade, Espagne, Novembre 93 (short version of the previous work)

3) Linear Logic and Linguistics

- M. Abrusci, C. Fouqueri, J. Vauzeilles : "Tree Adjoining Grammars in
Noncommutative Linear Logic". Computational Linguistics (to appear)
(A short version of this work will appear in Proceedings LACL'96, Nancy,