call for papers

                           Call for Papers

            Workshop on Formal Methods and Security Protocols

                       Thursday, 25 June, 1998
                        Indianapolis, Indiana
                         (following LICS'98)  

  Computer security protocols are notoriously difficult to get right.
  Surprisingly simple problems with some well known protocols have been found
  years after the original protocol was published and extensively analyzed.  

  Our workshop goal is to bring together the formal methods and security
  communities.  Security is a current hot topic in the formal methods
  community, and we hope that this workshop can help focus these energies.

  Topics of interest include descriptive techniques (specification languages,
  models, logics) and analysis techniques (model checking, theorem proving,
  and their combination), as applied to protocols for authentication, fair
  exchange, electronic commerce, and electronic auctions.  However, this list
  is not exclusive.  We particularly want to hear about new approaches, new
  problems, new security properties, and new protocol bugs. Reports on work
  in progress are welcome.   

  The program of the workshop will include a keynote address by Roger
  Needham, a number of technical sessions (with talks of about 15-20 minutes
  duration), and a panel discussion.  The overall program will aim to
  address questions such as: What are the opportunities in security for more
  formal reasoning and analysis?  Where should formal methodists be
  spending their talent, time, and energy?  What are the more pressing
  security problems now and in the future?

  Paper submission: An extended abstract (about 5-10 pages) explaining
  recent research results or work in progress should be mailed
  electronically to both organizers, nch@research.bell-labs.com and
  wing@cs.cmu.edu, to be received by March 13, 1998.  Submissions should be
  formatted as a PostScript file in USLetter size.   Authors will be
  notified of acceptance or rejection by April 17, 1998.  Final versions
  of accepted papers will be due by May 22, 1998.  These papers will be
  collected and distributed in an informal proceedings to be made available
  at the workshop. 

  DATES:   Submissions:  March 13, 1998.
           Notification: April 17, 1998.
           Final papers: May 22, 1998.
           Workshop:     June 25, 1998.

           Roger Needham (Cambridge).

  WEBSITE: http://www.cs.bell-labs.com/~nch/fmsp

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