Vacancy at SICS

Announcement: Job opening(s) at Swedish Institute of Computer Science

The Formal Design Techniques (FDT) Group at SICS has vacancies for
one or more researchers. Conditions and contracts (temporary or
permanent) depend on qualifications. We are looking for post-docs as
well as exceptionally talented PhD students with specialisation and
interest in areas such as formal methods, computer security, and program
verification. A solid theoretic background combined with practical 
interests and skills is ideal. The following subjects are important:

 - Logic, including temporal logic.
 - Semantics of programming languages, including operational semantics.
 - Verification, including model checking and compositional proof
 - Type systems and program analysis techniques, including type
   and effect systems, and abstract interpretation.

The SICS FDT group performs industrially relevant research, mostly of
long-term nature, on formal aspects of distributed systems. Our current 
work focuses on issues like program specification and verification, 
compositional proof systems, pi-calculus, temporal logics, and tool 
implementations. However, we have good possibilities for expansion in 
the following areas:

 - Verification of security and authentication protocols.
 - Language-independent frameworks and tools for program verification.
 - Verification of railway signalling systems and embedded systems.
 - Verification of Java/JVM programs.

The positions will be filled when suitable candidates are found.

More information: http://www.sics.se and http://www.sics.se/fdt/fdt.html


Mads Dam
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