MFPS 14, First Announcement

Dear Colleagues,
  The Fourteenth Workshop on the Mathematical Foundations of Programming
Semantics will take place on the campus of the Queen Mary Westfield College
of the University of London, England from May 10 to May 13, 1998.  This
of meetings has the goal of bringing together mathematicians and theoretical
computer scientists to discuss problems of common interest and to explore
common areas of research.  MFPS has focused particularly on programming
semantics and related issues.  The invited speakers for MFPS 14 are:
	Samson Abramsky (Edinburgh),
	Chantale Berline (Paris VII),
	Martin Hyland (Cambridge),
	John McLean (NRL, Washington), and
	David Pym (QMW).
In addition, there will be two special sessions during the meeting.  The
first of these will be devoted to security, while the second will be a
session honoring Peter Landin.
  This is a workshop year for MFPS, which means that the remainder of the
program will be made up of talks contributed by participants.  The slots
for these talks will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  As with past MFPS Workshops, the Proceedings of the meeting will consist
of journal-length papers submitted by participants after themeeting, and
dealing with topics relevant to the MFPS theme.  These papers will be
published as a special issue of Theoretical Computer Science; as such the
papers will be refereed to the usual high standards of TCS.  More details
about this aspect will be provided at the meeting.
  We anticipate some funding from the British SERC, and are hopeful of
obaining additional support from the US National Science FOundation and the
US Office of Naval Research.  While the funding will be limited, we
especially encourage women and minorities, as well as graduate students, to
inquire about possible support to attend the meeting.
  The Organizing Committee for the MFPS series includes Stephen Brookes
(CMU), Michael Main (Colorado), Austin Melton (Michigan Tech), Michael
Mislove (Tulane) and David Schmidt (Kansas State).  The Co-chairmen for
MFPS 12 are Michael Mislove and Edmund Robinson (QMW), who, together with
Peter O'Hearn (QMW) are co-chairing the Local Arrangements Committee for
the meeting.
  More detailed information about the MFPS series can be obtained by
accessing the MFPS Home Page (http://www.math.tulane.edu/MFPS.html), and
updates about MFPS 14 can be found at
http://www.math.tulane.edu/mfps14.html).  A second emailing with more
information about hotel arrangements, registration costs will be set out
around February 1.  Those who do not have access to the World Wide Web can
obtain information by sending email to mfps@math.tulane.edu.
  If you are interested in attending the meeting and giving a talk, send
email to mfps@math.tulane.edu including your name, the title of your talk
and a short abstract.  Detailed information about registration, lodging,
etc. will be sent to those who indicate their interest as it becomes

best regards,
Mike Mislove