IPL Call For Participation

                         CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                 Workshop on Internet Programming Languages

               in conjunction with the IEEE Computer Society 
            International Conference on Computer Languages 1998
                       Loyola University Chicago
                             Chicago, USA

                            May 13, 1998

The Internet has long provided a global computing infrastructure but, for most 
of its history, there has not been much interest in programming languages 
tailored specifically to that infrastructure. More recently, the Web has 
produced a widespread interest in global resources and, as a consequence, in 
global programmability. It is now commonplace to discuss how programs can be 
made to run effectively and securely over the Internet.

This workshop will provide a forum for the discussions of all aspects of 
computer languages for wide-area systems, including specification languages, 
programming languages, semantics, implementation technologies, and application 

Organizing Committee
    Henri Bal, Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands, bal@cs.vu.nl
    Boumediene Belkhouche, Tulane University, USA, bb@eecs.tulane.edu
    Luca Cardelli, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK, luca@luca.demon.co.uk
    Opening: 8:50.

    Session 1: 9:00-10:30.
        Location Independence for Mobile Agents
            Peter Sewell, Pawel T. Wojciechowski and Benjamin C. Pierce
        Three Moves are not as Bad as a Fire
            Peter Van Roy and Seif Haridi
        Towards a Calculus of Mobile Computations
            Jan Vitek and Giuseppe Castagna

    Session 2: 11:00-12:30.
        Paradigms for Global Computation - an Overview of the Hippo Project
            Richard Connor and Keith Sibson
        HCL - a Language for Internet Data Acquisition
            Richard Connor and Keith Sibson
        A Run-Time System for the Web Co-ordination Language
            Antony Rowstron and Stuart Wray

    Session 3: 14:00-16:00.
        PML: A Language Interface to Networked Voice Response Units
            J. Christopher Ramming
        Implementing Spatio-Temporal Relations for Hypermedia Presentations 
        using an HTML-like Language
            C. Bouras, V. Kapoulas, D. Moiras, V. Ouzounis, P. Spirakis 
            and A. Tatakis
        Derivatives: A Construct for Internet Programming
            Dominic Duggan
        Network Programming Using PLAN
            Michael Hicks, Pankaj Kakkar, Jonathan T. Moore, Carl A. Gunter 
            and Scott Nettles

    Session 4: 16:30-17:30.