Position of Invited Professor/Permanent Position in GLA/Univ. Minho, Portugal

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Group of Logic and Applications
Department of Informatica, University of Minho, Portugal

One Position for Invited Professor for the academic year 1998/99
(leading to a permanent position of  Auxiliar Professor)

The Group of Logic and Applications is a recently created unit
of research and teaching in the general area of applications
of Logic. Its main areas of work are:
  * Type Theory
  * Concurrency
  * Theorem Provers, 
  * Semi-automatic Synthesis of Programs
  * Security Protocols
  * Formal VLSI Design

The group has a staff of 11 is has just moved to a new set of offices
and laboratories  in a recently finished building. Members have access
to the usual updated computational technology (workstations, Unix servers,
fast networks, ...).

The position advertised is for one year contract with the  possibility
of renewal for further periods leading to a permanent position in the
University of Minho.

The group is looking for candidates holding a Ph,D. in the relevant
areas of Computer Science or Mathematics, with emphasis in Logic, with
a solid curriculum in these areas. 

Teaching experience is not compulsory but will be taken in consideration
if available. It is expected that, six months after admission, the candidate
will be able to speak Portuguese.

Candidates should send a CV to

 Jose Manuel E. Valenca  <jmv@di.uminho.pt> [http://www.di.uminho.pt/~jmv] 
 Departamento de Informatica,  Universidade  do  Minho,  Campus de Gualtar 
 4700 Braga, Portugal. +351-53-604460/604471(fax)