Announcement for workshop "Proof Theory and Complexity"

Dear colleagues, 

as part of this years BRICS Theme "Proofs and Complexity" there will be a  

                    "PROOF THEORY AND COMPLEXITY" 
                           August 3-7, 1998

to be held at BRICS ("Basic Research in Computer Science", Centre of the 
Danish National Research Foundation), Department of Computer Science, 
University of Aarhus, Denmark. 

The Program Committee consists of: C. Butz, S. Cook, U. Kohlenbach, 
J. Krajicek, G. Mints, S. Riis, H. Schwichtenberg and A.S. Troelstra. 

Local organizers are: C. Butz, U. Kohlenbach, S. Riis, G. Winskel.

The following people have already agreed to give a talk at the workshop: 

 N. Arai (Hiroshima)
 J. Avigad (Pittsburgh)
 A. Beckmann (Münster)
 S. Bellantoni (Toronto)
 M. L. Bonet (Barcelona)
 W. Burr (Münster)
 H. de Nivelle (Amsterdam)
 R. Dyckhoff (St. Andrews)
 S. Feferman (Stanford)
 A. Hendriks (Amsterdam)
 M. Hofmann (Edinburgh)
 J. Hudelmaier (Tübingen)
 M. Hyland (Cambridge)
 J. Johannsen (San Diego)
 D. Leivant (Bloomington)
 G. Mints (Stanford)
 I. Moerdijk (Utrecht)
 V. Orevkov (St. Petersburg)
 C. Pollett (Boston)
 A. A. Razborov (Moscow)
 H. Schwichtenberg (München)
 D. Scott (Pittsburgh)
 G. Takeuti (Philadelphia)
 L. Trevisan (Boston)
 J. van Oosten (Utrecht)       

Detailed information about the workshop (including registration) can be 
obtained from the webpage http://www.brics.dk/Activities/98/PAC/. 
Please communicate this announcement to anybody who might be interested to 

Many thanks in advance. 

With best regards, 

Ulrich Kohlenbach

Dept. of Computer Science
University of Aarhus
DK-8000 Aarhus C