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*			  FST & TCS '98				      *
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* Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science *
*		December 17--19, 1998, Chennai, India		      *
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*	Conference Home-page at http://www.imsc.ernet.in/fsttcs98     *

(A postscript version of this announcement is available at
or by email from "fsttcs98@imsc.ernet.in" .)

IARCS, the Indian Association for Research in Computing Science,
announces the 18th Annual FST & TCS Conference in Chennai, jointly
organized by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the SPIC
Mathematical Institute.  In addition to invited talks and contributed
papers, the 1998 programme will have two "theme sessions", one each on
"Quantum Computation" and "Model Checking".  Satellite events include
two 2-day workshops, on "Molecular Computation" and "Finite Model

Authors are invited to submit papers presenting original and
unpublished research on ALL theoretical aspects of Computer Science.
Typical areas include (but are not limited to): 

    Automata, Languages and Computability 
    Design and Analysis of Algorithms 
    Computational Geometry 
    Complexity Theory 
    Parallel and Distributed Computing 
    New Models of Computation 
    Concurrent, Real-time and Hybrid Systems 
    Logics of Programs 
    Learning Theory 
    Database Theory  
    Automated Reasoning, Rewrite Systems, and Applications 
    Programming Language Semantics and Type Theory 
    Logic, Functional, and Object-oriented Programming 
    Software Specification, Construction and Verification

In addition, we invite papers on the two special themes:

    Quantum Computation, and 
    Model Checking

Accepted papers on these topics will be part of special
"theme sessions" which will include invited talks by leading
researchers in the areas.

Satellite Events
The following satellite events are being planned:

A two-day workshop on 
	      * Molecular Computation *
organized by Kamala Krithivasan, Department of Computer Science and
Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.

A two-day school on 
	      * Finite Model Theory *
jointly organized by Anil Seth, The Institute of Mathematical
Sciences, Chennai, India, and Anuj Dawar, Computer Science Department,
University of Wales, Swansea, U.K.

Invited Speakers who have confirmed participation include:
    Neil Immerman (U Mass, Amherst)
    Ken McMillan (Cadence Berkeley Labs)
    Umesh Vazirani (U California, Berkeley)

Important dates
  Deadline for Submission                     15 May, 1998
  Notification to Authors                      1 August, 1998
  Final Version of Accepted Papers due         1 September, 1998

Submission Guidelines
Authors may submit drafts of full papers or extended abstracts.
Submissions are limited to 12 A4-size pages, with 1 inch margins and
11 point or larger font.  Authors who feel that more details are
necessary may include a clearly marked appendix which will be read at
the discretion of the Programme Committee.  Each paper should contain
a short abstract.  If available, e-mail addresses and fax numbers of
the authors should be included. 

Electronic Submissions
Electronic submission is **strongly** encouraged.  Self-contained
uuencoded gzipped Postscript versions of the paper may be sent by
e-mail to 
In addition, the following information in ASCII format should be sent
to this address in a **separate** e-mail: Title; authors;
communicating author's name, address, and e-mail address and fax
number if available; abstract of paper.

Submission via anonymous ftp is also available---details will be
posted on the conference homepage.  

Hard-Copy Submissions
If neither of the above is possible, authors may submit five (5)
hard-copies of the paper by post to the following address:
	   FST&TCS 98
	   Institute of Mathematical Sciences
	   C.I.T. Campus, Taramani
	   Chennai 600 113, INDIA

Conference Proceedings
The Conference Proceedings have been traditionally published by
Springer-Verlag in the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science
(LNCS). (Previous Proceedings have appeared as LNCS ... , 880, 1026,
1180, 1346.)  For an accepted paper to be included in the proceedings,
one of the authors must commit to presenting the paper at the

Programme Committee
Manindra Agrawal (IIT, Kanpur)
V Arvind (IMSc, Chennai) (Co-Chair)
Jin-Yi Cai (SUNY, Buffalo)
Ramesh Hariharan (IISc, Bangalore)
Kamala Krithivasan (IIT, Chennai)
Meena Mahajan (IMSc, Chennai)
Madhavan Mukund (SMI, Chennai)
Mogens Nielsen (BRICS, Aarhus)
Tobias Nipkow (TU, Muenchen)
C Pandurangan (IIT, Chennai)
Rohit Parikh (CUNY, New York)
Sanjiva Prasad (IIT, Delhi)
Jaikumar Radhakrishnan (TIFR, Mumbai)
R Ramanujam (IMSc, Chennai) (Co-chair)
S Ramesh (IIT, Mumbai)
Abhiram Ranade (IIT, Mumbai)
Sandeep Sen (IIT, Delhi)
Natarajan Shankar (SRI, California)
G Sivakumar (IIT, Mumbai)
Aravind Srinivasan (NUS, Singapore)
K V Subrahmanyam (SMI, Chennai)
K G Subramanian (MCC, Chennai)
Moshe Vardi (Rice Univ, Texas)
Pascal Weil (CNRS, Paris)}

Organizing Committee
Kamal Lodaya (IMSc, Chennai)
Meena Mahajan (IMSc, Chennai) (Co-chair)
Madhavan Mukund (SMI, Chennai) (Co-chair)
R. Rama (IIT, Chennai)
Venkatesh Raman (IMSc, Chennai)
Anil Seth (IMSc, Chennai)

Conference Site
The Conference will take place in the campus of the Central Institutes
of Technology (CIT), Chennai, where the Institute of Mathematical
Sciences is located.

Correspondence Address
All correspondence may be addressed to 
Institute of Mathematical Sciences 
C.I.T. Campus, Taramani
Chennai 600 113, INDIA
Email: fsttcs98@imsc.ernet.in
URL: http://www.imsc.ernet.in/fsttcs98
Fax: +91 44 2350586 
Phone: +91 44 2351856