fmoods '99 cfp

         %                                                   %
         %                     FMOODS '99                    %
         %                     ==========                    %
         %       Third IFIP International Conference on      %
         %                 Formal Methods for                %
         %        Open Object-based Distributed Systems      %
         %                                                   %
         %    Florence, Italy, February 15th - 18th, 1999    %
         %                                                   %
         %                   CALL FOR PAPERS                 %

The third IFIP International Conference on Formal Methods for Open 
Object-based Distributed Systems (FMOODS'99) will take place in Florence,
February 15th - 18th, 1999. A WWW page, containing further information 
and latest news is installed at the URL http://www.dsi.unifi.it/fmoods

Object-based Distributed Computing is being established as the most
pertinent basis for the support of large, heterogeneous computing and
telecommunications systems. Indeed, several important international
organisations (e.g., ITU, ISO, OMG, TINA-C, COM/DCOM) are defining 
similar distributed object-based frameworks as a foundation for open
distributed computing.
New architectures and system models are emerging which require formal
notational support. Usual design issues such as specification,
verification, refinement, and testing need to take into account new
dimensions introduced by distribution and openness, such as quality of
service and dependability constraints, dynamic binding and
reconfiguration, consistency between multiple models and viewpoints,
The objective of FMOODS is to provide an integrated forum for the
presentation of research in several related fields, and the exchange of
ideas and experiences in the topics concerned with the formal methods
support for Open Object-based Distributed Systems.

Papers presenting original contributions in any area of formal methods, 
concurrency theory, software engineering and distributed system analysis 
in the context of object-based distributed systems are solicited. 
Special interest will be devoted to submissions describing industrial 
applications. Topics include (but are not limited to):
   - formal models for object-based distributed computing,
   - specification techniques for distributed systems 
   - efficient analysis techniques of specifications
   - refinement and transformation of specifications
   - semantics of object-based programming languages
   - types, service types and subtyping
   - object-based coordination languages
   - design and software life-cycle of object-based distributed applications  
   - formal models for measuring the quality of object-oriented
     requirement or design specifications
   - multiple viewpoint modelling and consistency between different models
   - verification, testing and validation of distributed systems 
   - quality of service: specification, verification and testing of constraints 
   - formal aspects of distributed real-time multimedia systems
   - applications to telecommunications and related areas

INVITED SPEAKERS (provisional list, to be possibly extended)

           - Luca Cardelli   (Microsoft Cambridge Labs)
           - Cosimo Laneve   (Univ. Bologna)
           - Pamela Zave     (AT&T)
Invited Speakers:                  
           - Howard Bowman and John Derrick (UKC, Kent)
           - Oscar Nierstrasz               (Berna Univ.)
           - Remo Pareschi                  (Telecom Italia)
           - Sriram Sankar                  (Metamata, Fremont)
           - Akinori Yonezawa               (Tokyo Univ.)

G. Agha (Univ. Ilinois, Urbana)   P. Bellot (ENST, Paris) 
M. Boasson (Signaal,Hengelo)      H. Bowman (UKC, Kent)
E. Brinksma (Twente Univ)         P. Ciancarini (Univ. Bologna, PC co-chair)
J. Derrick (UKC, Kent)            M. Diaz (Laas, Toulouse)
A. Fantechi (Firenze, OC chair)   R. France (Florida At. Univ.)
K. Futatsugi (Jaist, Ishikawa)    R. Gorrieri (Univ. Bologna, PC co-chair)
R. Gotzhein (Kaiserslautern)      C. Hankin (IC, London)
H. Kilov (Merryl&Lynch, NY)       G. Leduc (Univ. Liege)
L. Logrippo (Univ. Ottawa)        J. de Meer (GMD-FOCUS, Berlin)
E. Najm (ENST, Paris)             C. Linnhoff-Popien (Univ Aachen)
K. Raymond (Univ. Queensland)     O. Rafiq (Univ. Pau)             
A. Rensink (Univ. Hildesheim)     J.B. Stefani (Telecom France)     
P. Wegner (Brown Univ., Providence)

Authors are invited to submit original research papers, up to 15
pages (including bibliography), 12 point, single spaced, including an
informative abstract, names and affiliations of all authors, and a list
of keywords facilitating the assignment of papers to referees. Electronic
submission of papers is solicited. Instructions can be found at 
or will be obtained by sending a mail with subject ``submission
information'' to the address fmoods-subm@cs.unibo.it
Simultaneous submission of papers to any other conference with published 
proceedings (or journal) is not allowed.
For postal submission, please send six copies to:

      Prof. Roberto Gorrieri -- FMOODS'99
      Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Informazione
      Universita' di Bologna
      I-40127 Bologna, Italy
      email: gorrieri@cs.unibo.it

Kluwer (the IFIP publisher) will publish this volume in the same series of 
the previous two (previously managed by Chapman & Hall). The proceedings
will be made available at the conference. It is also anticipated that a
selection of the highest quality papers will be published in a journal
special issue on the conference.

- Deadline for submission:      July 5th, 1998
- Notification of acceptance:   September 22th, 1998
- Final manuscript due:         October 22th, 1998
- Conference:                   February 15th -- 18th, 1999

SPONSORS  (provisional list)
IFIP, CNR-Italy, Univ. of Bologna and Florence, EU-DGXII (for supporting 
young researchers).

FMOODS'99 is organized by the Department of Computer Science of the 
University of Florence. The Organizing committee is chaired by:

      Prof. Alessandro Fantechi
      Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica
      Universita' di Firenze
      Via S. Marta 3
      Firenze, Italy
      Tel. +39.55.4796265    Fax. +39.55.4796363 
      email: fantechi@dsi.unifi.it.

assisted by the following members:
Mario Bravetti, Nadia Busi, Marco Lusini, Cecilia Mascolo, Rosario
Pugliese, Fabio Vitali, Gianluigi Zavattaro.

Fmoods'99 web page is at the URL http://www.dsi.unifi.it/fmoods/
More info on the series of Fmoods conferences can be found at the URL

On friday 19, one day meetings can be organized. Proposal should be sent
to the Organizing chairman.