An efficient implementation of type inference with subtyping


I would like to announce the availability of a prototype
implementation of a type inference engine for a functional language
with subtyping. Code-named Wallace, the prototype implements the
constraint simplification algorithms described in my PhD thesis.

This source code release mainly serves two purposes: 

* To allow experimentation with a functional language equipped with
  subtyping and fully automatic type inference. Such a language might be
  used, for instance, to test some simple encodings of object oriented
  programming into lambda calculus.

* To allow interested researchers to examine the actual implementation
  of the algorithms described in my thesis. Although the engine as a
  whole is a prototype with many rough edges, the main simplification
  algorithms have been carefully implemented and optimized.

It should be stressed that this program is not usable as a
full-fledged programming language.

Full source code is available from


Thank you,

François Pottier