URL update for Category group, Montreal (Lambek Festschrift, etc)

Recently there have been some security problems with the Montreal
Category Group's ftp site on triples.  This seems a good opportunity
to remind people that our old "ftp-based" URLs have been updated for
WWW use.  In particularly, the "official" URL for the group's WWW page
is (and has been for a while now)


(note the absence of the redundant "www" prefix)

Related URLs that are linked to this include the recent call for
papers for the Lambek Festschrift (deadline 31 Jan 1999)


as well as the current seminars of the group, and the table of
contents for the upcoming special issue of JPAA in honour of Mike Barr


(and other links of interest...)

The last time a note such as this went out, we promised to support the
"old" urls for a time - that time may be running out now, so we
encourage all interested to verify that your links and bookmarks are
up-to-date in this regard.  For the time being, any ftp to triples may
be unreliable, until the security issues are resolved.

= rags =
(Robert Seely)