5th Mobile Object Systems Workshop:
         Programming Languages for Wide Area Networks

**Important Dates:**
 - April 11th: Deadline for submission of papers.
 - May 3rd: Notification to authors.
 - June 14: MOS99 workshop

        In association with the 13th European Conference on 
              Object-Oriented Programming ECOOP'99
               Lisbon, Portugal, 14-18 June 1999

The fifth workshop on Mobile Object Systems (MOS'99) will address
fundamental principles in the definition, analysis and implementation
of languages and models for distributed programming, with particular
emphasis on languages and calculi for wide-area mobile systems.
In the last few years work on a number of languages and systems such
as Telescript, Obliq, Aglets and Java has investigated practical
aspects of constructing distributed systems based on the notion of
mobile computations.  Semantic models for mobility have also begun to
appear recently, including models such as the Join and Ambient
Calculi, Nomadic Pict, the Seal calculus and Dpi. These account for
some of the features found in practical systems and can inform new
designs, but are far from providing a complete theory; there should be
fruitful interaction between the communities.  
The workshop aims to bring together researchers in language
implementation and semantics to discuss issues related to distributed
programming languages, including:

 - Semantics, operational equivalences, program logics,<
 - Advanced type systems,
 - Security in programming languages,
 - Language implementation,
 - Mobility support,
 - Experience reports and applications.

**Submission of papers: **

Both full papers (max. 15 p.) and position papers (1-2 p.) are welcome. 
Submissions should sent to: 

      ecoopws@cui.unige.ch by April 11, 1999.  

We encourage not only submissions presenting original research
results, but also papers that attempt to establish links between
different approaches to mobile object system development, and/or
papers that include survey material.  Original research results should
be clearly described, and their usefulness to practitioners outlined.

1-2 pages summaries of accepted papers will be published
in the ECOOP Workshop Reader, full submissions will remain available
from the workshop web page. Furthermore, selected papers will be
invited for post workshop publication. (In the past, two Springer
Verlag state-of-the-art-survey volumes have resulted from MOS

**Program Committee: **
  Luca Cardelli,     Microsoft Research
  Ciaran Bryce,      U. of Geneva
  Giuseppe Castagna, CNRS, ENS
  Cedric Fournet,    Microsoft Research
  Matthew Hennessy,  U. of Sussex
  Urs Hoelzle,       UC Santa Barbara
  Alan Jeffrey,      DePaul University
  Dejan Milojicic,   HP Labs
  Scott Nettles,     U. of Pennsylvania
  Benjamin Pierce,   U. of Pennsylvania
  Peter Sewell,      U. of Cambridge
  James Riely,       North Carolina State University
  Jan Vitek,         U. of Geneva
  Akinori Yonezawa,  U. Tokyo

**Organizers: **
 Peter Sewell and Jan Vitek