CFP: Realizability Semantics and Applications

  FLoc'99 Workshop         (affiliated to LICS'99)

  A Tutorial Workshop on Realizability Semantics and Applications

  June 30, 1999
  Trento, Italy

There has been recently a reawaking of interest in many aspects of
realizability interpretations -- especially as regards semantics of type
theories for constructive reasoning and semantics of programming languages.
But, the details of realizability can be quite technical, and so the aim of
the workshop is to have several tutorial lectures on history, basic
definitions and results, recent applications, connections to category
theory, and then leave room for contributed research talks of 30 minutes
each. Beside the topics mentioned above, we solicit contributions on
applications of realizability to topics such as: Recursive Definitions of
Types, Connections with Synthetic/Axiomatic Domain Theory, Applications to
Normalization, Modal Logics, Logical Relations, Uses for Specification and
Verification, Automated Deduction, and Extraction of Algorithms. Reports
on work in progress are encouraged.

The plan for the workshop is to have three tutorial sessions on
various aspects of realizability, and four sessions devoted to
technical contributions, but adjustments may take place when the final
list of papers is available.

Researchers are invited to submit an extended abstract of at most 10
pages by sending an e-message containing the postscript file to
wr99@athena.disi.unige.it or by mailing a copy to 

       Lars Birkedal
       School of Computer Science
       Carnegie Mellon University
       5000 Forbes Avenue
       Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

before April 15, 1999.

Authors will be notified of acceptance by May 10, and the final
programme will be available soon after. It is foreseen that
the tutorials and the major results presented at the workshop will be
reproduced in print after the workshop, possibly as a special issue of
a scientific journal.

Preliminary List of Tutorial Presentations:

      History and Developments, Jaap van Oosten
      Tripos Theory, Andrew Pitts
      Categorical Completions, Aurelio Carboni
      Applications to Normalization, Luke Ong
      Effectivity and Totality, Ulrich Berger
      Applications to Type Theory, Bernhard Reus

Important Dates:

Submission of extended abstract: April 15, 1999
Notification of acceptance and final programme: May 10, 1999
Opening of workshop: June 30, 1999

Organizing Committee:

     Dana Scott
     Giuseppe Rosolini
     Andrew M. Pitts
     Alex Simpson
     Jaap van Oo
     Giuseppe L
     Bernhard Reus
     Dag Normann
     Lars Birkedal