PhD and Postdoc Positions in Software Technology (Utrecht University)

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Department of Computer Science
Utrecht University
The Netherlands

The Software Technology research group at Utrecht University has several 
doctoral and post-doctoral positions available. The positions are funded by 
the department, Microsoft Research, and the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO). 
The main research interests of the group are tool support for the development 
of computer assisted teaching material, components and scripting, program 
generation and transformation, tree displaying and manipulation, generic 
programming, and provably correct systems.

We seek candidates in any of the following topics:

* Software architecture:
    component-based software, (D)COM, Corba, JINI,
    distributed systems.
* Security:
    formalisation and verification of security properties,
    transaction processing.
* Language design:
    advanced type systems, generic programming, intermediate languages.
* Language implementation:
    interoperability, platform independent run-time systems,
    program transformation.
* Scripting:
    domain specific languages, e-commerce.

Applications will be evaluated from now on until the positions are filled.

To apply (or for further details) please send email to

  Erik Meijer (mailto:erik@cs.uu.nl)

Your email application should include a CV (ascii or postscript) and pointers 
to any on-line articles that you wish us to consider. Please can you also 
include names and email addresses of potential referees.