CFP: ISDT'99 Program

                ISDT '99 Conference Program
International Colloquium on Domain Theory and Its Applications
              October 17-23, 1999, Shanghai, China

October 17 Sunday
      Registration: 9:00 -- 17:00
October 18 Monday
 8:10 Open Ceremony
      Ying-Ming Liu and De-Guang Yang
 8:30 Conference group picture

      Session 1  8:40 -- 12:00
      Chairperson: Guo-Qiang Zhang
8:40  Jimmie Lawson
      Encounters Between Topology and Domain Theory
10:25 Break
10:40 Klaus Keimel
      A Combined Nondeterministic and Probabilistic Power Domains
11:25 Xiao-Quan Xu
      Embedding of Quasicontinuous Posets in Cubes
12:00 Lunch

      Session 2  13:30 -- 17:00
      Chairperson: Dag Normann
13:30 Guo-Qiang Zhang
      Domain-theoretic Foundations for Logic Programming
15:15 Break
15:30 Dieter Spreen
      An Effective Stable Domain Model of Calculus of Construction
      Extended by Recursive Definitions and Strong Sums
16:15 Mathias Kegelmann
      Relational Aspects of Continuous Domains in Logical Form
17:00 Supper

October 19 Tuesday
      Session 3 8:00 -- 12:00
      Chairperson: Guo-Jun Wang
 8:00 Klaus Keimel
      Domain Theory and Analysis: Approximation and Computation
 9:45 Break
10:00 Jimmie Lawson
      The Probabilistic Power Domain and Integration
10:45 Daniele Turi
      On Escardo's Metric Model of PCF
11:30 Lei Fan, Chong-You Zheng
      Using Abstract Bases to Solve Continuous Domain Equation
12:00 Lunch

      Session 4 13:30 -- 17:00
      Chairperson: Dieter Spreen
13:30 Ji-Hua Liang
      Function Spaces on Semantics Domains
15:15 Break
15:30 Dag Normann
      The Hereditarily Continuous Functionals over the Reals
16:15 Bin Zhao
      Stable Function and Lawson Topology on Scott Domain
16:45 Jin-Hua Wang and Li-Xin Qian
      A Remark About Several Equivalent-valued Form of 
      Prenex Normal Form Theorem of First Order
17:00 Banquet

October 20 Wednesday
    Sightseeing Tour: Suzhou City

October 21 Thursday
      Session 5 8:00 -- 12:00
      Chairperson: Jimmie Lawson
 8:00 Yu-xi Fu
      The Expressiveness of Polyadic Chi Calculus
 9:00 Zhou-Jun Li, Huo-Wang Chen, and Guang-Jun Zhong
      Checking Weak Bisimulation and Observation Congruence for
      Symbolic Transition Graphs
 9:30 Break
 9:45 Peter Selinger
      A Domain-theoretic Model for Asynchronous Communication
10:30 Ying Jiang
      Universal Formulae in System F(II)
11:10 Guang-Jun Zhong, Zho-Jun Li, and Huo-Wang Chen
      Symbolic Model Checking for Regular Value-Passing Processes
11:35 Yan-Bing Wang
      The Unique Fix-point Feature of Recursive Procedure
12:00 Lunch

      Session 6 13:30 -- 17:00
      Chairperson: Mao-Kang Luo
13:30 Giovanni Sambin
      Algebraic Domains as Unary Formal Topologies
14:15 Luo-Shan Xu
      Consistent Domains and Relevant Categories
14:40 Hui Kou
      Uk-admitting need not be Sober
15:05 Break
15:20 Michael Huth
      The Interval Domain as a Semantic Foundation for Fuzzy Logic
      and Fuzzy Inference Systems
16:05 Qiu-Gun Lu, and Wang-Ming Wu
      Generalized Tautology of Interval-valued Fuzzy Proposition Logic
16:20 Sheng-Gang Li
      L-fuzzy Intervals and Their Connectedness
16:40 Yu-Mei Xin, and Yun-Ying Gai
      Properties of Fuzzy Symmetric Generalized Proximity Spaces
17:00 Supper

October 22 Friday
      Session 7 8:00 -- 12:00
      Chairperson: Klaus Keimel
 8:00 Guo-Jun Wang
      Theory of Granular Lattices
 9:00 Guo-Qiang Zhang
      A Representation Theorem for Abstract Nonmonotonic Entailment
 9:45 Break
10:00 Yong Sun
      (Intensional)Binding Algebras: an Generalization of Friedman's
10:30 Yi-Xiang Chen
      Theory, Semilattice and Domain
11:00 Bo-Yong He, Jin-Hua Wang, and Nu-Chun Hu
      The Psedo-complement Operation and Some Intrinsic Characterization
      for Complete Boolean Algebra
11:20 Yong Pan, Lei Li, and Hong-Bao Shi
      An Integral Neuron Model Based on Complex Domain
11:40 Closing Ceremony
12:00 Lunch

15:00 -- 20:00 Sightseeing Tour: Shanghai City