Festival Workshop in Foundations and Computations

		Festival Workshop in Foundations and Computations

                             Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

                             Sunday 16 July-Tuesday 18 July 2000

This workshop is a part of a research festival at Heriot-Watt
University, Edinburgh, during parts of the summer of 2000.  During the
festival, international and national researchers spend short/long time
at Heriot-Watt during which a lively research environment will take
place. There will be many seminars during the festival details of
which are advertised separately. When the visits coincide with a
particular theme, a workshop will be held on that theme. If you like
to take part in the festival and/or give a talk, contact
fairouz@cee.hw.ac.uk. Grants are available for parts or all of the
registration fees and accommodation. Contact fairouz@cee.hw.ac.uk for

The first workshop in the festival is a workshop on foundations and
computations. If you have a relevant talk, submit a three page
abstract to fairouz@cee.hw.ac.uk by 25 June 2000. You will be informed
of acceptance by 5 July 2000.

Speakers and Topics

Gilles Dowek (INRIA-Rocquencourt, FR): About Folding-Unfolding Cuts 
Jan van Eijck(University of Amsterdam, NL): Dynamic First Order Logic 
Jacques Fleuriot (University of Edinburgh, UK): 
			Automating Newton's calculus in Isabelle 
Therese Hardin (Paris 6 and INRIA-Rocquencourt, FR): 
			The calculus of contexts of lambda-sigma 
Roger Hindley (University of Swansea, UK): 
			The birth of lambda-calculus and combinatory logic 
Alan Mycroft (Cambridge University and AT&T Labs, UK): 
			Type Based Decompilation 
Gopalan Nadathur (University of Chicago, USA): 
	proof theory and procedures for fragments of intuitionistic logic 
Gopalan Nadathur (University of Chicago, USA): 
	implementation of higher-order logic programming languages 
Iain Stewart (University of Leicester, UK): 
	A programming approach to descriptive complexity theory 


Grants cover part or all of the registration fee and accommodation. We
strongly welcome applications from women researchers, researchers who
work in industry, and researchers whose place of work is in a
less-favoured region. If you are not sure about eligibility, send an
email to fairouz@cee.hw.ac.uk.

The form for application for funding can be found on the above URL.
Deadline for receipt of grant applications is 30 June 2000. You will
receive notification of acceptance/rejection by 5 July 2000.

In order to guarantee accommodation, it is advisable that your
application is sent as soon as possible. The summer is a very busy
time in Edinburgh.