Full professorship in Programming Languages at TU Wien

The Vienna University of Technology invites applications for a 


at the Institute of Computer Languages. 

The successful applicant is expected to represent the field of
programming langagues in research and teaching, and is supposed to
show a strong commitment to teaching and an active participation in
the Bachelor's and Master's education in computer science. Candidates
should have an outstanding research record in at least one (preferably
in several) of the following areas: 

* design and formal foundations of programming languages
* compiler construction
* program analysis and software verification
* domain specific languages (internet languages, XML-theory, web semantics) 

The formal requirements for this position include:

- an appropriate academic degree 
- an outstanding scientific record in research and teaching in the field
- pedagogic and didactic proficiency
- capability of leadership
- academic experience in the relevant field acquired abroad
- experience in practice

Deadline for applications: April 12, 2002.

The Vienna University of Technology intends to raise the proportion of women 
in leading positions. Hence women are specifically encouraged to apply.

Applications including the usual documents should be sent to 

  Dekanat der Fakultät für Technische Naturwissenschaften und Informatik
  TU Wien
  Getreidemarkt 9
  A-1060 Wien, Austria

Further information:
- The official announcement of the position (in German) is available
  at http://www.tuwien.ac.at/dektnf/Download/Ausschreibungen.htm
- Other useful web addresses include:
  http://www.logic.at/e185.html (Institute of Computer Languages)
  http://www.cs.tuwien.ac.at/index_e.html (Computer Science Department)
  http://www.tuwien.ac.at/welcome_eng.html (Vienna University of Technology)
- Informal inquiries should be directed to Alexander Leitsch