Open Position in Programming Languages at Lund University

Open Position in Programming Languages at Lund University

Associate Professor in Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at Lund University plans to increase 
its overall strength, and is particularly interested in recruiting new 
faculty members with expertise in the field of programming languages 
(both theory and practice) and, in second place, databases. Excellent 
candidates from other areas of Computer Science are, however, also 
encouraged to apply. The applicant must hold a doctoral degree and 
demonstrate strong interest in teaching at the undergraduate level and 
in research. Faculty members are expected to participate actively in 
the department's undergraduate program, by developing and teaching 
courses. There is a strong interest in applicants who are able to teach 
programming courses, both at an introductory and at an advanced level. 
In order to teach courses, but also in joint research with industry and 
contacts with the society, the ability to communicate in Swedish is a 
strong advantage.

If the applicant wants to be considered for receiving the title "full 
professor" for this position, then this should mentioned in the 

Most of the faculty members in the department are men. Therefore, if 
both a female and a male applicant are found equally suitable for the 
position, the female applicant will be preferred.

The Department of Computer Science in Lund includes over 30 faculty 
members, about 20 graduate students, and offers undergraduate and 
graduate programmes for students from Engineering and Science 
faculties. Located in the attractive 1000 year old city of Lund, Lund 
Univeristy is the largest university in Scandinavia. For further 
information concerning the department and the positions see 

Last day of application: January 31 2003

Also note our open position (see http://www.lth.se/lthjobb/, reference 
no. 2139) with deadline January 8, 2003