WSSA 2003: Call for Participation


International Winter School on Semantics and Applications
Montevideo, Uruguay 
July 21 to 31, 2003



The general theme of the school is the semantics of programming
languages, more precisely verification of programs and systems. The
school is directed to young computer scientists and mathematicians
interested in formal methods and programming languages. 

The school aims at the dissemination of advanced scientific knowledge
and the promotion of international contacts among scientists. 


WSSA 2003 runs over 2 weeks. The first week is devoted to introductory
courses, the second week to more advanced topics. 

Introductory Courses

- Operational and denotational semantics
 Marcelo Fiore (Cambridge) 

- Abstract interpretation and static analysis
 David Schmidt (Kansas)

- Type Systems
 Peter Dybjer (Chalmers) 

- Modal and temporal logics
 Colin Stirling (Edinburgh) 

Advanced Courses

- Mobility
 Davide Sangiorgi (Bologna)

- Formal verification techniques for JavaCard
 Gilles Barthe (INRIA)

- Language-based security
 Dave Sands (Chalmers) 

- Cryptographic protocols
 Joshua Guttman (Mitre) 


The school is directed to MSc and PhD students as well as to young
researchers. To register, fill in the application form 
(http://www-sop.inria.fr/lemme/events/escuela03/reg-form.php) by April
30, 2003.

The registration fee is EUR305, and does not cover accomodation. Note
however that the fee is automatically waived for students from Central
and South America.

The school shall be able to offer a (limited but reasonable) number of
grants for students; priority will be given to participants from Central
and South America. Applicants should fill the application form
appropriately, including the name of their supervisor, whom we may
contact for a recommendation letter. Students applying for grants will
be notified by May, 31 2003. 

Deadline for application: April 30, 2003 


  Gilles Barthe (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France) 
  Davide Sangiorgi (University of Bologna, Italy) 


  Pablo Azero (Universidad Mayor de San Simón, Bolivia) 
  Gilles Barthe (INRIA, France) 
  Gabriel Baum (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina) 
  Leopoldo Bertossi (Carleton University, Canada) 
  Gustavo Betarte (Universidad de la República, Uruguay) 
  Alvaro Campos (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) 
  Peter Dybjer (Chalmers University, Sweden) 
  Marcelo Fiore (Cambridge University, UK) 
  Rafael Lins (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brasil) 
  Davide Sangiorgi (University of Bologna, Italy) 


  Gustavo Betarte 
  Carlos Luna 
  Alberto Pardo 
  Luis Sierra 

  Instituto de Computación 
  Facultad de Ingeniería 
  Universidad de la República 
  Montevideo, Uruguay

For further information, visit the school web site at
http://www-sop.inria.fr/lemme/events/escuela03/ or send e-mail to