Penn Engineering Advisory Boards

Rob StavisMr. Robert Stavis (EAS’84, W’84)
Chair, Penn Engineering Board of Advisors
Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

“My Penn Engineering education taught me how to ask well-structured questions and to fundamentally understand how systems work. As a member of the Penn Engineering Board of Advisors, I am proud to support and help guide the focus of the strategic research goals and curricula in the School. I credit Penn with a lot of my success, and I’m excited to give back as a Penn volunteer. In today’s world, when engineering is ever more important, Penn Engineering continues to lead on global challenges through research and education of our future engineering talent.”

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors for the School of Engineering and Applied Science is the main advisory body to the School and its Dean. Its members are thought leaders, innovators, and experts in the engineering profession and areas of relevance to the School’s activities. They participate in the strategic planning process, serve as a sounding board for initiatives of the School, represent the School within the rest of the University and the larger engineering and corporate community, and act as a liaison between the School and the Board of Trustees of the University. Their support and guidance plays an important role in furthering the School’s strategic goals. Board members serve a three-year, renewable term.

Board Chair:

Mr. Robert Stavis (EAS’84, W’84), Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

Board Members:

Mr. Andrew Africk (L’92, WG’92), CEO, Searay Capital LLC

Mr. Peter Armstrong (ENG’87), Private Investor

The Honorable Harold Berger (EE’48, L’51), Managing Partner, Berger Montague

Mr. Dennis “Chip” Brady (W’94, C’94), Partner, LSN Partners, LLC

Mr. Jonathan A. Brassington (GEng’97), Executive Vice President for Digital Customer Experience, Capgemini Group

Mr. Ric Calvillo (C’90), Chairman, Zeenk

Mr. Peter N. Detkin, Esq. (EE’82, L’85), Founder, Intellectual Ventures; Senior Advisor, Sherpa Technology Group

Mr. Goodwin Gaw (ENG’91, W’91), Founder and Managing Principal, Gaw Capital Partners

Ms. Pooja Goyal (ENG’02, W’02), Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Carlyle Global Infrastructure

Mr. Alex Haidas (C’93, ENG’93, WG’98), Founder and Managing Director, Bluewall Capital Ltd.

Ms. Sarah Wolf Hallac (EE’86, W’86), Consultant, BlackRock

Mr. Lloyd W. Howell, Jr. (EE’88), Executive Vice President, CFO, and Treasurer, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

Mr. Alex T. Krueger (ENG’96, W’96), President and CEO, First Reserve International, Ltd.

Dr. John F. Lehman, Jr. (Gr’74), Chairman and Founding Partner, J.F. Lehman & Company

Mr. Ryan D. Limaye (ENG’93, W’93, WG’93), Managing Director and Co-Head, Global Technology Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs

Mr. Rajeev Misra (ME’85, GEng’86), Head of Strategic Finance, SoftBank Group

Mr. Ofer Nemirovsky (EE’79, W’79), Head, Vomisa LLC; Senior Advisor, HarbourVest Partners, LLC

Ms. Alison Newman (C’83), Partner, Fox Rothschild, LLP

Mr. Mitchell I. Quain (EE’73), Penn Engineering Advisory Board Chair Emeritus; Senior Advisor, Carlyle Group

Mr. Andrew Rachleff (W’80), Penn Engineering Advisory Board Chair Emeritus; Executive Chairman, Wealthfront, Inc.

Mr. Allie P. Rogers, Jr. (ENG’87, W’87), Chief Operating Officer, Trendalytics Innovation Labs, Inc.

Dr. Jeffrey M. Rosenbluth (ENG’84), Private Investor

Mr. Theodore Schlein (C’86), General Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Dr. Krishna P. Singh (GEng’69; Gr’72), President and CEO, Holtec International

Dr. Rajendra Singh, Chairman and CEO, Telcom Ventures LLC

Ms. Juliet Sjöborg (EE’85, WG’92), Director, Plena Capital Ltd.

Mr. Harlan Stone (C’80), President and CEO, HMTX Industries

Mr. Philip Trahanas (GEE’96, WG’96), Private Investor

Mr. Frederick Warren (ME’60, WG’61), Founder, Sage Venture Partners, LLC

Mr. Jonathan Z. Wilf (ENG’06), Partner, Garden Homes and EVP, Strategic Planning and Business Initiatives, Minnesota Vikings Ownership Group

Technology Advisory Board

We are living in an era of transformative changes fueled by an explosion in technology. Penn Engineering has a unique opportunity to take the lead and dramatically expand the School’s capacity to foster innovation and game-changing research. The Technology Advisory Board is made up of experts that include innovators from both startups and corporations, venture capitalists, thought leaders in industry and entrepreneurs that can help position Penn Engineering as the leader in this space over the next decade.

Board Chair:

Mr. Harlan Stone (C’80), President and CEO, HMTX Industries

Board Members:

Mr. Rohan Amin (ENG’02), Chief Product Officer, JPMorgan Chase

Mr. Alan Atkinson (GEN’88), Private Investor; Retired Technology Executive

Mr. Michael Barrett (ENG’89), Director, Corporate and Investment Banking Issue Management, Wells Fargo

Mr. Denis Dancanet (ENG’90, C’90), President, Cubist Systematic Strategies

Mr. Michael Glassman (ENG’85), Founder and Chairman, Checkmating Dementia!

Mr. Phil Jacob (ENG’85, WG’92, PAR’20, PAR’22), Vice Chairman of Leveraged Finance, Credit Suisse

Mr. Ryan D. Limaye (ENG’93, W’93, WG’93), Co-Head, Global Technology Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs

Mr. Jeff Luhnow (ENG’89, W’89, PAR’20), CEO Blue Crow Sports Group; CEO SportsTek Acquisition Company

Mr. David Pearl (ME’80), Co-Founder, Epoch Investment Partners

Mr. David Quattrone (EE’95, W’95), Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Cvent

Ms. Amy P. Raskin (ENG’93), Chief Investment Officer, Chevy Chase Trust

Mr. Robin Yuxiang Ren (EE’95, C’95), Co-Founder and Director, Linda Ye and Robin Ren Family Foundation

Mr. Anil Seetharam (ENG’00, W’00), Managing Director, Berkshire Partners

Dr. Rajendra Singh (Ph.D., Southern Methodist University), Chairman and CEO, Telcom Ventures LLC

Mr. Frederick Warren (ME’60, WG’61), Founder, Sage Venture Partners, LLC

Online Education Board

Penn Engineering has an unwavering commitment to democratizing world-class engineering education. As part of that goal, the School strives to create innovative, scalable online educational content and provide a personalized experience to its students. The Board for Online Engineering Education plays a critical role by drawing together innovators, practitioners, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in online learning, engineering education and technology. The Board provides strategic guidance to help the School launch new initiatives and evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing programs.

Board Chair:

Mr. Richard Forman, (ENG’87, W’87), Managing Partner, Health Venture Group, LLC

Board Members:

Mr. Rohan Amin (ENG’02), Chief Product Officer, JPMorgan Chase

Mr. Ric Calvillo (C’90), Co-Founder and CEO, Nanigans

Mr. Lance Collins (GCH’83,GR’87), Vice President and Executive Director at Virginia Tech; Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Susan Davidson, Weiss Professor, Computer and Information Science, Penn Engineering

Ms. Gayle McDowell (ENG’05, GW’11), Founder and CEO, CareerCup

Mr. Robert Stavis (EAS’84, W’84), Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

Ms. Nancy Wang (ENG’17), General Manager, AWS Data Protection and Governance

Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Board

The School is building on a strong and uniquely collaborative entrepreneurial foundation to foster partnerships between the Penn Engineering community and entrepreneurs and investors in the Greater Philadelphia region in order to catalyze new ventures and enhance the innovation ecosystem. The Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Board ensures that the School’s research and educational programs are reflective of real-world scenarios, its students and faculty are networked with technologists, entrepreneurs and investors, and that students will have opportunities for starting new ventures after they graduate.

Board Chair:

Mr. Jonathan Brassington (GEng’97), Lead for Invent North America, Capgemini Group

Board Members:

Mr. Jeff Horing (ENG’86, W’86), Co-Founder and Managing Director, Insight Venture Partners

Ms. Anjali Jolly (ENG’00, W’00), Partner, ACON Investments, L.L.C.

Mr. Dean Miller (WG’99), President and CEO, Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT)

Ms. Alison Newman (C’83), Partner, Fox Rothschild, LLP

Departmental Advisory Boards:

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics