How Can I Filter Unwanted Messages from My Mail Account?

The vast majority of spam sent to your SEAS email address is automatically blocked by a service called Proofpoint. Proofpoint does an excellent job of learning about new types of spam and quickly blocking them. Since Proofpoint is automatically used for all SEAS email accounts, you will rarely need to worry about blocking spam yourself.

You are probably reading this article because you are getting more spam than you would like. If the spam messages you are getting are very similar to each other, please let us know (send email to cets@seas) and we will report the messages to Proofpoint. If you are still getting more spam than you would like, the options below may help you. No spam filter is perfect, and you should expect to see some spam in your inbox, but hopefully the number can be reduced to a managable level.

Blocked and Allowed Fields

In addition to the spam blocker, mail can be blocked/allowed from specific email fields. Full email addresses as well as domains and subjects can entered to be blocked/allowed in your SEAS Account Management page under "Configure Your Account" and "Spam Blocker and Blocked Addresses". Blocked mail is automatically sent to your spam folder.

If you are being threatened or harrassed, you should report it to the Penn Police. Don't just block the address without reporting it.

Blocking "Russian" (Cyrillic), Chinese, and Arabic email

We've received many requests to block spam messages in other alphabets. We can't do this system wide, of course, because many people in SEAS read these languages. But we have added a spam blocking option to the account management web page for those who don't read these languages. We will add additional alphabets to the filter if we receive enough requests. If you wish to block messages whose subjects or "From" lines contain any of these alphabet's characters, you can use this option on the spam management page.

How to block Cyrillic, Chinese, and Arabic email.

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