John M. Vohs

Carl V. S. Patterson Professor and Chair
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE)


Honors and Awards:  Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award - 2007, Union Carbide Research Innovation Award - 1997, Shell Young Faculty Development Award - 1991, American Chemical Society Victor K. LaMer Award - 1989, NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award - 1989, NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship - 1988

Research Expertise: Fuel Cells | Energy

John concentrates his research on understanding the relationships between the local atomic structure of surfaces and their chemical reactivity. He and his group are developing molecular level descriptions of these important surface phenomena, and using insights obtained in fundamental studies of model systems to design nanoscale materials that have reactivities tailored for applications ranging from selective oxidation catalysis to electrodes for solid oxide fuel cells and other electrochemical devices.

Member of:

PhD Chemical Engineering 1988 - University of Delaware
BS Chemical Engineering 1983 - University of Illinois

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