Louis Soslowsky

Louis Soslowsky

Fairhill Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Professor
Bioengineering (BE)

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Honors and Awards:  H.R. Lissner Medal - American Society of Mechanical Engineers - 2018, Distinguished Alumni Award - 150th Year of the New York Orthopaedic Hospital (Columbia University) - 2016, Outstanding Achievement in Mentoring Award - Orthopaedic Research Society - 2016, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Kappa Delta Ann Doner Vaughan Award - 2010, ABJS Best Paper Award - 2009, ASME Fellow - 2003, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering Fellow - 2003, Charles S. Neer Award for Excellence in Basic Science Research, American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons - 2000, American Journal of Sports Medicine Hughston Award - 1999, Whitaker Foundation Special Opportunity Award in Orthopaedic Bioengineering - 1999, American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Charles S. Neer Award for Excellence in Basic Science Research - 1999, ASME Y.C. Fung Young Investigator Award - 1998

Research Expertise: Tissue Engineering | Biomechanics | Orthopaedic Bioengineering

Lou's research program in orthopaedic biomechanics and functional tissue engineering relates to soft connective tissues and joint mechanics through a series of multidisciplinary studies. HE seeks to understand and uncover etiologic factors and pathologic mechanisms driving tendon and ligament injury, healing, repair, and regeneration, and develops and utilizes innovative model systems for such investigation. Lou evaluates fundamental structure-function relationships for tendon and ligament and also studies shoulder joint mechanics, examining relationships between tissue strain fields and joint loading in normal and abnormal states.

Affiliations:  Director, Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders, Associate Dean for Research Integration

PhD Engineering Mechanics 1991 - Columbia University

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