Matt Good

Assistant Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology and
Bioengineering (BE)

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Honors and Awards:  Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award at the Scientific Interface - 2014-2019, Miller Research Fellowship - 2010-2013, ARCS Graduate Fellowship - 2006-2008, Genentech Graduate Fellowship - 2005-2006

Research Expertise: Size Scaling | Synthetic Cell Biology | Artificial Cells

The research thrust of Matt's laboratory is to determine how cell size and shape regulate cellular function, and how cell and organelle size become misregulated during disease. Matt's laboratory uses the lens of early embryo development, in which cellular dimensions are rapidly reduced after fertilization, to explore scaling relationships between cells and large intracellular structures (e.g. the mitotic spindle). To characterize mechanisms of size-regulation, they create synthetic, cell-like compartments with tunable geometry, combining cell-free cytoplasmic extracts and microfluidic droplet- and vesicle-generating technologies. This approach, which brings together tools from cell biology, chemistry and bioengineering, makes it possible to isolate the effects of cell size on intracellular assembly and function, free from constraints of a developmental program. Broadly, the lab aims to investigate cell size as a control parameter, uncover adaptions required for intracellular processes to function in cells with extreme geometries, design sensors of cell size, and develop new technologies for reconstituting complex cellular behaviors ex vivo.

Member of:

PhD Biochemistry - University of California - San Francisco - 2010
BA Biochemistry - University of California - Berkeley - 2003

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