Jordan Raney

Jordan Raney

Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM)

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Honors and Awards:  3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award 2019

Research Expertise: Micro- and Nano-mechanics | Mechanics of Materials | Mechanical Systems

Raney's research interests focus on (i) the development of new methods to control the internal structural features of materials systems, and (ii) mechanical and multifunctional properties that emerge because of these features. Through techniques including nanostructure synthesis, self-assembly, and customized 3D printing, novel material architectures are designed and assembled with controlled structural features from nanometer to meter length scales. This work explores themes such as structural hierarchy, bioinspired heterogeneity (compositional and structural), non-uniform fiber reinforcement, instabilities, and programmed/robotic assembly to build engineering materials with a high degree of structural nuance, enabling unprecedented control over macroscopic properties. Examples include (i) the scalable development of heterogeneous structural composites with high specific stiffness and strength, and controllable strain localization and failure; and (ii) soft systems that make use of instabilities to achieve rapid shape changes and to exhibit exotic dynamic non-linear mechanical phenomena.

PhD Materials Science 2012 – California Institute of Technology
MS Materials Science 2010 – California Institute of Technology
BS Physics 2005 – University of Minnesota
BS Computer Science 2005 – University of Minnesota

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