Peter K. Davies

Peter K. Davies

Class of 1942 Term Professor
Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

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Honors and Awards:  S. Reid Warren Jr. Award for Distinguished Teaching - 2005, Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching - 1998, Fellow of the American Ceramic Society - 1997

Research Expertise: Electronic Materials | Ceramics | Nanostructured Materials

Peter's principal research interests lie in the design and nano-level structure characterization of functional inorganic solids. He is an expert in the synthesis, crystal chemistry, and properties of electronic ceramic materials, and has published seminal papers on the influence of nanoscale atomic ordering on the properties of ceramic resonators used in wireless communications. Peter has also engineered new high response ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials. In his most recent work, Peter discovered the first family of inorganic materials that self assemble into periodic, phase-separated, nano-checkerboard structures.

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