Michael Posa

Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM)
Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE)

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Research Expertise: Robotics, Control Systems, Mechanical Systems

Michael's interests center on planning, control, and formal analysis of robots as they interact with the world. Whether a robot is assisting within the home, or operating in a manufacturing plant, the fundamental promise of robotics requires touching and affecting a complex environment in a safe and controlled fashion. Michael focuses on developing computationally tractable algorithms which enable robots to operate both dynamically and safely as they quickly maneuver through and interact with their environments. This research involves understanding the interplay between the non-smooth dynamics of contact and numerical optimization, and then testing these techniques on both legged robots and robotic arms.

Member of:

PhD - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - MIT (2017)
MS - Mechanical Engineering - Stanford University (2008)
BS - Mechanical Engineering - Stanford University (2007)

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