Deep Jariwala

Assistant Professor
Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE)

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Honors and Awards:  Richard L. Greene Dissertation Award in Experimental Materials Physics - American Physical Society (2017), American Vacuum Society (AVS) Named Hilliard Speaker - John E. Hilliard Symposium (2015), Resnick Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship - California Institute of Technology (2015), IEEE Dielectric & Electrical Insulation Society Graduate Fellowship (2015), Materials Research Society Graduate Student Award (2015), Russell and Sigurd Varian Award - American Vacuum Society (2014), Johannes E. and Julia R. Weertman Doctoral Fellowship - Northwestern University (2014) AVS Nanometer Scale Science and Technology Division Student Award (2014), SPIE Optics & Photonics Education Scholarship (2014)

Research Expertise: Nanoelectronics | Nanophotonics | Low-dimensional Materials | Energy | Surfaces and Interfaces

Deep’s research lies at the intersection of solid-state opto-electronics and emerging low-dimensional materials. Specifically, he combines new techniques to assemble, grow and integrate nanostructured materials, including molecular materials with state-of-the-art nano-fabrication methods to create novel electronic and photonic devices. The applications of these devices range from next generation logic switches to sensors to photovoltaic devices and light emitting diodes. He uses spatially and spectrally resolved current and photon spectroscopy as well as scanning probe techniques to understand charge and energy transport mechanisms across atomically-sharp and hybrid interfaces which are at the core of modern semiconductor opto-electronics.

Ph.D. Northwestern University
B. Tech. Indian Institute of Technology - Varanasi

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