Cesar de la Fuente

Cesar de la Fuente

Presidential Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, Microbiology and
Bioengineering (BE)


Honors and Awards:  2016 - named “30 Under 30” by Latino Boston, 2016 - named an MIT Technology Review Innovator “Under 35” (Spain), 2017 - selected as ACS Nano Junior Fellow, 2017 - elected Judge for MIT Technology Review Innovators “Under 35” Europe 2017, 2018 -elected Judge for MIT Technology Review Innovators “Under 35” Europe 2018, 2018 - named a 2018 Wunderkind by STAT News, 2019 - elected Judge. MIT Technology Review Innovators “Under 35” Europe 2019, 2019 - awarded a Presidential Professorship Chair by the University of Pennsylvania, 2019 - named GEN Top 10 Under 40, 2019 - named one of the “World’s Top Innovators Under 35” by MIT Technology Review

Research Expertise: Machine Biology | Synthetic Biology | Computational Biology | Microbiology | Bioengineering

César de la Fuente, Ph.D., was appointed in 2019 as Presidential Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is leading the Machine Biology Group to integrate synthetic biology, automation, computer science, and AI. Prof. de la Fuente is pioneering the computerization of biological systems, seeking to expand nature’s repertoire to build novel synthetic molecular tools and devise therapies that nature has not previously discovered. Prof. de la Fuente was named a Boston Latino 30 Under 30, a 2018 Wunderkind by STAT News, and a Top 10 Under 40 of 2019 by GEN. He has also been recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the world’s top innovators for “digitizing evolution to make better antibiotics”. His scientific discoveries have yielded over 65 peer-reviewed publications and multiple patents. Prof. de la Fuente aims to develop the world’s first computer-made tools and medicines and to enable self-driving autonomous molecular discovery.

Ph.D. - University of British Columbia – Vancouver BC
Postdoc at Massachusetts Inst. of Technology - Cambridge MA

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