Riccardo Gottardi

Riccardo Gottardi

Assistant Professor in Pediatrics and in
Bioengineering (BE)

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The Gottardi Bioengineering and Biomaterials Laboratory, the first of its kind dedicated to pediatric airways research, strives to lead the field towards treatment and function restoration for children with otolaryngological disorders. We leverage over 10 years of experience in tissue engineering, orthopaedics, controlled drug delivery, and regenerative rehabilitation to build a program focused on: 1) Engineering solutions for airway disorders based on (a) Translational tissue engineering and (b) Novel preventative drug delivery approaches with accelerated pathway to the clinic; 2) Investigating the basic cellular, molecular, and microbiological mechanisms as well as the genetic aspects of ear, nose, and throat damage and healing; 3) Developing organ-on-chip and animal models of cartilage, vocal folds, and craniofacial tissues growth, disease, and repair.

Affiliations:  Tissue Engineering | Devices and Drug Delivery | Bioengineered Therapeutics | Biomaterials | Airway Bioengineering | Orthopaedic Bioengineering

BS/MS in Physics from the University of Pisa
Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Genova
Postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh

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