Jorge J. Santiago-Aviles

Associate Professor
Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE)

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Research Expertise: MEMS | Nanodevices

Jorge conducts his research at the interface between electrical engineering and materials science, focusing on materials and devices for energy storage, nano-scale composites by electro-spinning and electronic sensing/actuating. He is currently exploring the synthesis, characterization and utilization of nano-structured carbon based materials for super-capacitor electrodes and design/fabrication of coupling super-capacitors. His group is working on the electrochemical characterization of hybrid electrical double layer/Faradaic redox super-capacitors and the electrostatic deposition and characterization of electrolyte specific separating membranes, as well as LTCC tape-based self-packaged super-capacitors.

Member of:

PhD Materials Science and Engineering 1970 - Pennsylvania State University
BS Physics 1966 - University of Puerto Rico

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