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Research Spotlight

Andrew Tsourkas

Andrew Tsourkas
Associate Professor, Bioengineering

Diseases, such as cancer, are often diagnosed using imaging scans that harness technology like Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging. Combining nanotechnology with recent discoveries in the molecular and chemical properties of cell growth in disease, Andrew Tsourkas is creating novel imaging agents that will detect disease at its very early stages. By harnessing technology to “tag” an altered molecular profile associated with diseased cells, new formulations of iron oxide- and gadolinium-based nanoparticles are attracted to a disease site and show up in scans at the time of early molecular changes in cells, rather than needing larger groups of diseased cells to form as we do today. This is a major advancement over current technologies, facilitating early detection and the increasingly effective treatment of diseases.


Student Awards

Annual awards are given to undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Engineering and Applied Science in recognition of outstanding scholarly achievements and service to the School and University community. Departments select each recipient and students are recognized at the Annual Awards Recognition Dinner held during the spring semester.

Undergraduate Awards

Student Choice

C N. Weygandt Award (Student Choice Award)
The Cornelius N. Weygandt Award is presented annually to the student whose qualities and potential transcend academic performance alone, whose nature as a human being assures him or her a full and successful life, and whose performance as an undergraduate has earned the respect and admiration of his or her peers.

2011 - Alexy Komissarouk
2010 - Kumardipti Chatterjee
2009 - Jonathan Coveney
2008 - Matthew Kalmus
2007 - Shannon Hedvat
2006 - Kusha G. Tavakoli
2004 - Kunal Gupta

The S. Reid Warren, Jr. Award
The S. Reid Warren Jr. Award, presented annually to a member of the Penn Engineering Faculty by the undergraduate student body and the Engineering Alumni Society, recognizes outstanding service in stimulating and guiding the intellectual and professional development of undergraduate students.  

2016: Brian Chow
Cherie Kagan
David Issadore
2013: Wen Shieh
2012: Alejandro Ribeiro
2011: Matthew Lazzara
2010: Sanjeev Khanna
2009: Rob Ghrist
2008: Peter Davies
2007: John Schotland
2006: Leif Finkel
2005: Peter Davies
2004: John Keenan
2003: Tom Cassel
2002: Nader Engheta
2001: William Graham
2000: David Pope

Ford Motor Company Award for Faculty Advising
The Ford Motor Company Award for Faculty Advising is presented annually by the undergraduate student body in recognition of faculty dedication in helping students realize their educational, career and personal goals.

2016: Andreas Haeberlen
2015: Paulo Arratia
2014: Russ Composto
2013: Beth Winkelstein
2012: Jan Van der Spiegel
2011: Gershon Buchsbaum
2010: Katherine Kuchenbecker
2009: Susan Margulies
2008: Leif Finkel
2007: Tom Cassel
2006: Steven Nicoll & Beth Winkelstein
2005: Sampath Kannan
2004: William Graham
2003: John Keenan
2002: James Ostrowski
2001: Kostas Daniilidis
2000: Max Mintz

Hatfield Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Lecturer and Practice Professor Track
The Hatfield Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Lecturer and Practice Professor Track, presented annually by the undergraduate student body, recognizes outstanding teaching ability, dedication to innovative undergraduate instruction, and exemplary service to the School in consistently inspiring students in the engineering and scientific profession.  

2016: Graham Wabiszewski
LeAnne Dourte
Tom Farmer
2013: Jeff Babin
2012: Jonathan Fiene
2011: Michael Rizk
2010: Bruce Kothmann

Departmental Awards


Albert Giandomenico Award
Awarded to the highest achieving laboratory group selected from the undergraduate laboratory courses taught in the bioengineering curriculum. Intended to reflect several traits that include teamwork, leadership, creativity and knowledge applied to discovery based learning in the laboratory.

2018 - Jessica Rose, Michael Roth, Gurjeet Singh, Nicholas Vigilante
2017 -
Justin Averback, Jake Budlow, Justin Morena, and Young Shin
2016 -
Sergio Arrangoiz Madero; James L Howard; Sean D Mcafee; Sangeeta Sarkar
- Julian Bello, Omar A Lopez, Karthik Sethuraman, Alexander W Ventriglia
- Lauren Cosgriff; Alina Esquenazi; Julia Pikus; Samuel Stern
2013 - Karen Y. Hu; Rachel Liu; Anand Sundaram; Yichen Wei
2012 - Nitin Bansal, Ameya Nanivadekar; Naveen Ponnappa; Michael Smart
2011 - Daniel Balikov; Nathan Carberry; Betty Huang; Akash Shah
2010 - Nicholas Brownell; Kristi Chakrabarti; Debbie Cheng; Galina Grigoriev; Harrison Liu
2009 - Ashwin Nathan; Arif Rashid; Pamela Tsing
2008 - Joseph Kimmel; George Lin; Laura Michelis; Ameya Phadke
2007 - Christine A. Chen; Bo Huang; Suzanne E. Wilson
2006 - Bella Goyal; Raymond Y. Hsu; Jeffrey A. Seguritan; Sherri L. Wykosky

Bioengineering Senior Design Award
The Bioengineering Senior Design Award, initiated by the Bioengineering Society at Pennsylvania, is given each year by the faculty of Bioengineering to the graduating senior who, in the conduct of his or her senior project, has best demonstrated originality and creativity in the application of engineering principles to the solution of a biomedical problem.

2018 - Kate Panzer, Jackie Valeri, Nick Stiansen, and Karol Szymula; Eric Helfgott, Margaret Schroeder, Manjari Ganti, and Kyle O’Neil; Jessica Rose, Michael Roth, Gurjeet Singh, and Nick Vigilante
- Young Joon Kwon; Joseph P Licata; Tejas S Narayan; David M Zhang; Moriah R Cesaretti; Julia H Chen; Pooja S Khandekar; Kinjal M Shah; Ishmam A Ahmed; Sung Min Ha; Stephanie S Mark;Joshua I Ng
- Woo Yul Byun, Frederick J Ding, Karthik Sethuraman, Sara R Liebreich; Matthew T Maclean; Steven T Huang; Renya Wei; Max E Wasserman; Raul G Martinez; Julian Bello; Eric Kutschera; Omar A Lopez; Connie Li
- Elizabeth Boyle; Zachary Plona; Sharon Roth; Melissa Schwartz; Oladayo Adewole; Lyle Brunhofer; Junyang Lu; Colin Millar; Camilo Bermudez; Elizabeth Feeney; David Gabrieli; Leah Suttner
2013 - Nicole R. Blumenfeld; Anna Brzezinski; Ryan M. Carey; Ana M. Conde; Daniel A. Fallahi; Anne E. Geller; Cassi J Henderson; Brian H. Horwich; Vivek Sharma; Dawen Shen; Zachary E. Shurden
2012 - Melissa Cedarholm; Duyun Chen; Winslow Cho; Yaanik Desai; Yinan Kuang; Gregory Lee; Christine Li; Casey Mcquade; Zameer Merchant; Timothy Sakhuja; Frank Tan; Michael Vido
2011 - Andrea Barberio; Andrew Barr; Michael Czubakowski; Eric Fischer; Zane Giffen; Elizabeth Green; Andrew Hicks; Stephanie Klebba; Amy Silverstein; Vincent Valant
2010 - Clarence Quah; Kenneth Hwu; Katherine Gerasimowicz; Yuning Chien; Emily Wible; Matthew Difrancesco; Amanda Yung; Horng-an Nieh; Raghav Puranmalka; Xing-Jie Yang
2009 - Amarpreet Bains; Bethany Baumann; Victoria Behrend; Ezra Bobo; Joe Crisanti; Adonis Ioannou; Adam Lafleur; Lo-Lo Liu; Jing-Yuan Ma; Jay Parekh; Phillip Santoiemma
2008 - Sarah Casey; Lorrain Chua; Danielle Friedman; Kevin Hou; Megan Liszewskil; William Okech; Ankur Patel; Ameya Phadke
2007 - Noel Camacho; Dhinakaran Chinappen; Beth Codos; Patrick Crutchley; Aditya Humad; Jonathan Lehr; Charles Li; John Paulett; Pamela Rist
2006 - Sherri L. Wykosky; Richard S. Gaster; Noelia A. Pacheco; Manjool Shah; Julia D. Glaser; Evelyn M. Chou; Andrea S. Levine
2005 - Terry Huang; Maureen P. Schriver; Liani Hernandez; Jason W. Yum; Eric M. Sussman; Brian Bao; Andrea G. Denunzio
2004 - Zaishao Cheng; Ramez Haddadin; Jeffrey Katrencik; Chalothorn Vashirakovit

Herman P. Schwan Bioengineering Award
The Herman P. Schwan Award was established by the faculty of the Department of Bioengineering as an enduring tribute to their colleague and friend in honor and recognition of his outstanding achievements in Bioengineering and in commemoration of the receipt of his honorary Doctor of Science degree in 1986 from the University. This award is given each year to a graduating senior who, in the opinion of the faculty, has demonstrated the highest standards of scholarship and academic achievement.

2018 -
Anna Branch
2017 - Elizabeth Kobe and Lucy Chai
2016 -
Young Joon Kwon
- Moez K. Aziz
- Chih-Chieh Yu
2013 - Cassi J. Henderson
2012 - Casey McQuade
2011 - Vyas Ramanan
2010 - Galina grigoriev; Katherine Y. Wu; Harrison Liu
2009 - Amarpreet Bains; Ashwin Nathan; Ludovic Vincent2008 - Wee Siong Goh
2007 - Samuel Bernard
2006 - Raymond Y. Hsu
2005 - Prasheel V. Lillaney
2004 - Ramez I. Haddadin

BMES Rita Schaffer Undergraduate Award
Awarded for outstanding service and leadership in the Biomedical Engineering Society Chapter at the University of Pennsylvania.

2007 - Elaine C. Khoong
2006 - Andrea N. Miltiades
2005 - An M. Nguyen

Biomedical Applied Science Project Award

2018 - Emily Bachner
- Emily C. Zhang
- Laurie Vogel
2013 - Scott C. Ventre
2011 - Perry Clarkson
2010 - Dingyun Chan

Bioengineering Student Leadership Award

2018 - Nicholas Stiansen
2017 - Sushmitha Yarrabothula
2016 -
Carla C Winter
- Yishan Liu
- Maximilian Lamb
2013 - Samantha E. Leong
2012 - Gregory Lee
2011 - Tracy Wolfbliss
2010 - Matthew Canver; Yiping Li; Salmana Diallo; Alexander Yen
2009 - Kevin Rakszawski; Randall Toy
2008 - Christine Roche; Chia Wu

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

American Chemical Society Award
The American Chemical Society Award, established by the Philadelphia Section of that Society, is given annually to a senior in chemistry and chemical engineering on the basis of scholastic excellence and demonstrated leadership in professional activities upon recommendation of the faculties concerned.

2016 - Alan X. Dai
- Shannon E Keenan
- Steven Lee
2013 - Heui Beom Lee
2012 - Brian Leone
2011 - Spencer Glantz
2010 - Charles G. Slominski
2009 - Thomas Dursch
2008 - Martin Rogers
2007 - Sweta N. Vania
2006 - Jaroslav Keybl  
2005 - Douglas C. Muth
2004 - Brendan D. Boyle

American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Delaware Valley Section Awards
The American Institute of Chemical Engineers Delaware Valley Section Awards are given to one rising sophomore, junior, and senior who has the best academic record, together with high promise in chemical engineering. The senior award also recognizes the student who is considered to be the best overall prospective chemical engineer.

2016 - Rahul Gupta; Jake W Hsu; Parth N Desai
2015 - Jake W Hsu, Rahul Gupta, Antonio E Barberio
- Antonio Barberio; Jonathan Chou; Alan Dai
2013 - Daniel F. Consoli; Shannon E. Keenan; Ryan A Marschang
2012 - Jonathan Chou; Andrew Glace; Stephen Lantz
2011 - Andrew Glace; Eyas Mahmoud; William Mulhearn
2010 - William D. Mulhearn; Specer T. Glantz; Ao (Arthur) Xu
2009 - Stephanie Amato; Edward Eckels; Helen Kyd
2008 - Lawrence Dooling; Alex Fick; Charles Slominski
2007 - Julius J. Chung; Micah J. Sheppard; Kathleen E. Wu
2006 - Martin K. Rogers; Julius J. Chung; Jonathan M. Beus; Ian C. Shieh
2005 - Zachary J. Williams; Hak Su Lee; Daniel Q. Sun
2004 - Robert J. Kalfus; Richard C. Baliban; Arthur W.H. Chan

American Institute of Chemists Medal Award
The Medal Award of the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Chemists Medal Award is given annually to the outstanding young individual in the graduating class in chemistry and chemical engineering upon recommendation of the faculty of those departments.

2016 - Jin Soo Lim
- Alexandra Dreyfuss
- Scott Danielsen
2013 - Ian J. Penkala
2012 - Chinmay Paranjape
2011 - Matthew Gay
2010 - Cynthia Xinyu Lau
2009 - Kathleen Wu
2008 - Katie Vasserman
2007- Daniel Q. Sun
2006 - Ian C. Shieh
2005 - Anna A. Tiffany
2004 - Sean P. Cusack

Melvin C. Molstad Prize in Chemical Engineering
The Melvin C. Molstad Prize in Chemical Engineering is awarded to that student or group of students of the senior class in chemical engineering with the most original design of a chemical process system.

2016 - Michael C Moroney; Evan M Smith; Marissa E Thompson; Fernando Torres
- Hannah Phillips; Alexander J Smith; Evans L Molel
2014 - Priya Kumar; Diana Moock; Adam Muncan; Michelle Sorkin
2013 - Elizabeth M. Cummings; Vamsi K. Vuppala; Melissa M. Wang
2012 - Gregory Cordina; Abby Lee; William Mulhearn; Gurnimrat Sidhu
2011 - Daniel Choi; Spencer Glantz; Jasmin Imran Al-Sous
2010 - Liane S. Carlson; Michael Y. Lee; Chkuemeka E. Oje; Ao (Arthur) Xu
2009 - Peter Beltramo; Christina Bodarky; Helen Kyd
2008 - Lawrence Dooling; Divya Jayaraman; Tushar Khanna; Keith Mangam
2007 - Manuel Camacho; Teresa Chen; Mayra Lujan Suarez
2006 - Jonathan M. Beus; Jocelyn A. Nelson; Betsy Lee
2005 - Qing-Min Chen; Lauren Beth Heend; Jeffrey Waring
2004 - Sean P. Cusack; Joyce Tam; Eiji Takizawa

Melvin C. Molstad Second Prize in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

2016 - Steven P Casey; Hailey I Edelstein; Rebecca L Michelson; Nikita S Rao
- Bruce C Chanenchuk, Alexander R Evans, Sandhya Thiyagarajan
- Amanda R. Culp; Kevin J. Holmes; Rohan Nagrath
2012 - Daniel Moonan; Chinmay Paranjape; Jack Tirone; Kristina Wang
2011 - Na Cao; Erin Chang; Maria Kaufman
2010 - Edward J. Nie; Luisa Herrmann Rodrigues; Ali H. Raza; Brian M. Wright

Melvin C. Molstad Third Prize in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

2016 - William M Asselstine; Joseph M Mollo; Jesus M Morales; Vasiliki Papanikolopoulos
- Jocelyn L Champagne; Freddy A Ordonez; Zhiyi Zhang
- Blake G. Gendron; Andrew W. Glace; Ryan A. Littlefield; Christian R. Mirabile
2012 - Michelle Calabrese; Kaitlin Douglass; Brendan Orinstein; Kritithy Vasansiri; Marisa Wang
2011 - Efrem Braun; Marija Mircevska; Manuel Molina Villalba

Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Academic Excellence Award
The Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Academic Excellence Award is given annually to a student in chemical engineering who has the highest scholastic rating in courses taken during the freshman and sophomore years and is member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Chapter.

2016 - Parth N. Desai
- Andrew W Parsons
- Rahul Gupta
2013 - Antonio E. Barberio
2012 - Ryan Marschang
2011 - Abraham Arthur
2010 - Stephen J. Lantz
2009 - Nikhil Shankar
2008 - Arthur Ao Xu
2007 - Alex B. Fick
2006 - Micah J. Sheppard
2005 - Clarinda Z. Lim
2004 - Michael S. Siddiqui

Stuart W. Churchill Individual Research Prize

2016 - Jessica W. Schwartz
- Shannon E Keenan
- Tyler Moeller
2013 - Kevin J. Holmes
2012 - William Mulhearn
2011 - Dominique Ingato
2010 - Jeanne W. Ho
2009 - Chloe LeGendre

A. Norman Hixson Laboratory Report Prize

2016 - Rahul Gupta; Sangjae Park; Nikita S Rao
- Serena D Machi; Sandhya Thiyagarajan; Evans L Molel
- Meghan Mccullough; Corey Patz; Stefanie Dick
2013 - Samantha L. Farmer; Christian R Mirabile
2012 - Jamie Wessels
2011 - Sifat Ahmad; Kulika Chomvong
- Alan S. Futran
2009 - Maria Lobikin

Humphrey Summer Undergraduate Fellowship

2016 - Nicholas A. Baylis
- Evans L Molel
- Antonio Barberio
2012 - Ian Penkala; Eiman Soliman

Computer and Information Science

Dawn and Welton Becket Digital Media Design Achievement Award
The Dawn and Welton Becket Digital Media Design Award is presented to DMD Seniors who exemplify the ideals of the DMD program through outstanding achievement, citizenship, and mentoring.

2016 - Rebecca A. Hallac
- Max L. Gilbert
- Jeremy Newlin
2013 - Peter Z. Kutz
2012 - Kaitlin Pollock
2011 - Ian Perera
2010 - Grace Fong
2009 - Ariela Nurko
2008 - Matthew Kuruc
2007 - Michael J. Highland
2006 - Adam G. Micciulla
2005 - Warren C. Longmire
2004 - Paul J. Kanyuk

Computer and Information Science Senior Design Award

2016 - Chenyang Lei; Sudarshan Muralidhar; Doron M Shapiro; Michelle M Socher
- Sneha R Keshwani; Elise M Minkin; Abhishek R Gadiraju; Elise M Minkin
- David Cerny; Jiten Suthar; Israel Geselowitz
2013 - Young Hyun Kwon; Perk Lun Lim; Yuchen Pan; Kaiyu Zhang
2012 - Philip Peng
2011 - Jason Suapengco; Gabriel Torres
2010 - Jacob Fiddelman
2009 - Dwayne Bent; Jateen Joshi
2008 - Michael Colkitt; David Gorski

Computer and Information Science Senior Design Second Prize Award

2016 - Constanza Figuerola; Samyukta L Lanka; Utkarsh Shah; Max F Tromanhauser
- Mayank K Gupta; Rafael H Kettle; Kai E Ninomiyal; Boyang Liu
- Markus B. Beissinger; Krishna N. Kaliannan; Varant S. Zanoyan
2012 - Seth Shannin; Kevin Xu

Computer and Information Science Senior Design Third Prize Award

2016 - Justin M. Macintosh; Richard K. Roberts
- Tiernan S Garsys; Tayler R Mandel; Lucas A Pena; Noan B Zilberstein
- Eric D. Berdinis; Jeffrey A. Kiske; Cynthia K. Mai
2012 - Greyson Gregory; Vincenzo Mannino; Alexander Marple

Computer and Information Science Senior Design Honorable Mention Award

2015 - Lewis J Ellis; Ashutosh S Goel; Jeffrey D Grimes; Max Scheiber; Micole L Mintiaco; Rigel J Swavely
- Archit Budhraja; Bob S. Han; Sung-Won Hwang; Jonathan J. Leung; Sean J. Welleck; Preetam J. D'souza; Max M. Guo; David A. Wang; Peter Z. Kutz
2012 - Samuel Appelbaum; Louis Bergelson; Evan Mossop; Kaitlin Pollock; Matthew Vogel

Computer Science Academic Award

2016 - Benson S. Chen
2015 - Noam B . Zilberstein
- Tyler Brown
2013 - Zachary R Wasserman
2012 - Matthew Croop
2011 - Ryan Menezes
2010 - Nathaniel Conrad
2009 - William Marczak
2008 - Matthew Gruskin

Guy Labonte Memorial Award
The Center for Human Modeling and Simulation of the University of Pennsylvania has established a memorial to Guy Labonte to remember him and his achievements in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The "Guy Labonte Memorial Award for a Computer Graphics Senior Project" will be made annually by the Center's faculty.

2004 - Raymond J. Forziati, Jr.

Electrical and Systems Engineering

Honorable Harold Berger Award
The Honorable Harold Berger Award is given to a student in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering whose senior design project best combines conceptual/technical innovation with entrepreneurial possibility.

2016 - William Clarke; Sarah Dean; Vincent Pacelli; Catherine Yee
- Alain E. Hernandez; Nicholas J. Labarbera; Ayinde T. Alleyne; Folasade M Oba; Alfredo Muniz
- Vignesh Selvakumaran; Franklin Yang; Xinran Wang; Carlie Badder
2013 - Young Hyun Kwon; Perk Lun Lim; Yuchen Pan; Kaiyu Zhang
2012 - Sriram Radhakrishnan; Varun Sampath; Shilpa Sarode
2011 - Rachel Egan; Ningcheng Li; Jin Ser
2010 - Joseph Coyne; Ji Y. Kim; Kevin Sin; Grace Tay
2009 - Andrew Avrin; Brandon Duick; Daniel Lustig
2008 - Anujit Shastri; Darren Wang
2007 - Nathan S. Lazarus; Sharanya Srinivasan; LuQing Zhang
2006 - Mark E. Dweck; Louie Huang; Daniel E. Koch
2005 - Michael C. K. Wong; Linda L. Lamptey; Jennifer W. Sin
2004 - Ralph P. Pfeifer; Gopikrishan C. Unnithan

Richard K. Dentel Memorial Prize in Urban Transportation
This prize was established by Mrs. Martha Clark-Dentel in memory of her husband Richard K. Dentel, a former student in the Department of Civil Engineering. It is awarded annually to a student in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering who has had the best overall performance at the University in the area of urban transportation.

2016 - Alaric Qin
- Alaric Qin; Chloe M. Le Comte
2014 - Jeffrey Kessler
2013 - Abhijeet Sharadc Mulay; Yash-Vardhan Pant
2012 - Jordan Brindza
2011 - Madhur Behl (Graduate)
2010 - Alexandra Malikova
2009 - Timothy Potens (Undergraduate)
2008 - Devin Plantamura (Graduate)
2007 - Huafang Cui; Christopher Puchalsky (Graduate); James Charatan (Undergraduate)
2006 - Thomas M. Fahey
2005 - Nathan Maack; Gregory A. Walker
2004 - Christopher M. Puchalsky

Norman Gross Senior Project Award
The Norman Gross Senior Design Project Award in Systems Engineering has been created in honor and recognition of Norman Gross. The award is given annually by the faculty of the Department of Systems Engineering to the best senior design project that exemplifies Norman Gross's personal achievements and professional accomplishments.

2016 - Stephanie Hsu; Jeff Kessler; Daniel Sha; Monica A Wojciechowski
- Yizheng He; Alaric Qin; Christain J. Burton; Xiaolei Cong
- Richard Stutsman; Noam Eisen; Justin Yim; Andrew Gagne
2013 - Charles Jeon; Kevin Y. Jiang; Thomas Ly; Shreshth Sonkiya
2012 - Ruxin He; Yuanjiao Shen; Xiaoting Zheng; Ting Zhou
2011 - Lindsey Eatough; Olutosin Osibodu; Sakib Sharaff; Jordan Zarilli
2010 - Ana Rosa Giannareas; Vanessa Kern; Nicholas Stevens; Adrian Viesca Trevino
2009 - Jayson Bowlsby; Shana Hoffman; Nicholas Perkins; Michael Rovito
2008 - Karl Fils-Aime; Galinos Giaglis; David Gorski; Gabriel Kaplan; Carlson Lau; Rohenne Lee; Samuel Sa; Can Sahlan; Baris Seven
2007 - Michelle J. Jacobson; Jason W. McGrath; Neta R. Tenenhaus
2006 - Mudit Jaju; Deeksha G. Hebbar; Brian H. Keller; Andrew M. Steedle; Alexandra E. Ressler
2005 - Alexander B. Chilton; Adrian B.D. Becker
2004 - Lora L. Menter; Ashley K. Kim; Alison M. Capponi

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' Student Award
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' Student Award is given on the recommendation of the IEEE faculty advisor to that senior judged to have achieved excellent professional development, who has made major contributions to the IEEE Student Branch. The award is a one year membership.

2016 - Catherine F. Yee
- Vijay Govindarajan
- Hyunseok Park
2013 - Nicholas J. Howarth
2012 - Timothy Hennelly
2011 - Timothy Hennelly
2010 - Ji Kim
2009 - Fang Gao
2008 - Leon Hermans
2007 - Carlson T. C. Lau
2006 - Bryan W. Tseng
2005 - Bryan W. Tseng
2004 - Ramapriyan R. Pratiwadibhayankara

Fred Ketterer Memorial Award
The Fred Ketterer Prize is awarded annually to that student in the Department of Electrical Engineering who demonstrates outstanding creativity in an Engineering Design.

2016 - Alfred C Murabito; Jia-en Pan
- Tyler M. Caron; David R. Baker; Colin R Feo; Preston J Morris
- Joshua Reback; William Burke; Jonathan Bryan; Amy Wu; Tarik Bellamine
2013 - Cameron M. Cogan; David P. Hallac; Nicholas J. Howarth; Ashleigh L. Thomas; Samuel N. Wolfson
2012 - Timothy Hennelly; Saarah Clark; Sydney Jackopin; Jacob Orloff; Michael Posner; Michael Siegel
2011 - William H. Etter, Jr.; Paul D. Martin
2010 - Sumo Gupta; Sagar Shah; Henrik Staal
2009 - Nicholas Annetta; Timothy McKenna; Anil Venkatesh; Neeraj Wah
2008 - Elisa Downey-Zayas; Hal Paver
2007 - Roman Geykhman; Noah Z. Robbin
2006 - Vijay T. Narasiman; Sendil R. Palani;Angelos L. Stamatakis
2005 - Jing Hu; Jessica J. Pannequin; Chanatip Kitwiwattanachai
2004 - Sith Chaisurote; Piyawut Tantimekabut

Victor W. Ku Memorial Award
The Victor W. Ku Memorial Award is presented annually to one student in the Department of Systems, and one in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, who at the end of their junior year best exemplify the ideals of high scholarship, personal discipline, and service to others for which Victor W. K. Ku, BSE (ME) '70, MSE (ME) '71, is remembered.

2016 - Evan W. Huang
- Samantha M. Markowitz
- Natalie Miller
2013 - Neha U. Mathur
2012 - Jinhyung Ahn
2011 - Eve Lee
2010 - Kristin Yamauchi
2009 - Samuel Levine
2008 - Saurabh Jalan
2007 - David Gorski
2006 - Michael N. Dugan; Eric G. Friedman
2005 - Deeksha G. Hebbar
2004 - Rajiv Krishnarao

General Motors Prize
The General Motors Prize is awarded annually to that student in the department of Electrical and Systems Engineering who demonstrates outstanding creativity in an Engineering Design Project.

Sidney Shore Award
The Sidney Shore Award is presented to the senior or first year graduate student who best exemplifies the social and interdisciplinary concerns and problem solving talents possessed by Professor Sidney Shore. This award is given in recognition of the student's desire, aptitude and outstanding ability to apply civil engineering principles to the solution of socially relevant issues.

2016 - Monica A. Wojciechowski
- Aadithya V. Prakash
- Andrew Gagne
2013 - Isabella Obediente
2012 - Evan Hodges-Le Claire
2011 - Kristin Yamauchi
2010 - Pia Ramchandani
2009 - Daniel Garzarella
2008 - James Wong
2007 - David B. Kriesman
2006 - Brian H. Keller
2005 - Roy J. Lehman III
2004 - Allison R. Schultz

Wolf Family Award in Systems Engineering
The Wolf Family Award in Systems Engineering is presented to the senior student in Systems Engineering who has demonstrated the best overall academic performance during his or her studies at the University.

2016 - Emily W. Chen
- Josh M. Bodner
- Neha Mathur
2013 - Tarang Kapoor
2012 - Eve Lee
2011 - Lu Tian
2010 - Ana Rosa Giannareas
2009 - Yinwei Liang
2008 - David Gorski
2007 - Thomas M. Fahey
2006 - Brian H. Keller
2005 - Ipek Demirsoy
2004 - Jason S. Young

Senior Design Honorable Mention Prize

2016 - John Dennen; Emily Kurtz; Samantha Markowitz; Adam Stravitz; Anthony Dilenno; Nicolas Griffiths; Jorge Martinez Perez-Tejada; Jeffrey Ng; Sangjoon Park
- Michael J Ganz; Nicole M Lok; Alicia Mathur; Omari J Maxwell; Weiyu Zhang; Oluwatobi A Idowu; Benjamin W Poretzky; Drew R Tuttle; Joshua D Stone
- Tess E. Donnelly; Stefania Halac; Rachel T. Resek; Brittany L. Wohler; Jessica Jiang; Taylor J. Lee; Connie P. Wu
2012 - Kevin Conley; Paul Gurniak; Matthew Hale; Evan Hodges-Le Claire; Naveen Kasthuri; Andrew Piskai; Theodore Zhang

Senior Design Freshman Mentor Program Best Mentor Team Award

2015 - Qiao Rqacghel Han; Emily Vo; Mauricio K Mutai
- Cameron M. Cogan; David P. Hallac; Nicholas J. Howarth; Jessica Jiang; Taylor J. Lee; Ashleigh L. Thomas; Samuel N. Wolfson; Connie P. Wu

Senior Design Freshman Mentor Program Best Contributing Freshman Award

2013 - William T. Clarke; Sarah A. Dean

William L. Everitt Student Awards of Excellence

2016 - Sangmin Oh; Vivek Panyam
- Kelsey D. Duncombe-Smith; Steven H. Xing
- Spencer Lee; Yang Yau
2013 - Jeffrey A. Kiske

Materials Science and Engineering

R. M. Brick Award
The R. M. Brick Award is named for the first chairman of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and is awarded to the graduating senior who has demonstrated through a combination of academic performance, effort, and personal qualities that he or she will be a credit to the Department, the School, and the University.

2016 - Erik G. Burbulla; Morgan B. Lundblad
- Michael R Stanton; Emily J Gurniak
- Michael Citrin
2013 - Katharine W. Oleske
2012 - Tyler Citek
2011 - Xiao Qiao
2010 - Arjun Shah
2009 - Max Solar
2008 - Jonathan Singer
2007 - Priyanka P. Agarwal
2006 - Xingxia Zhang
2005 - Matthew L. Scullin
2004 - Lindsey A. Karpowich

William R. Graham Materials Science and Engineering Senior Design Award

2016 - Gerardo Cedillo Servin; Kristen E Duda; Morgan B Lundblad; Caitlyn M Ullman
- Ruben Z Waldman
- Divij Damodhar; Bianca Datta
2013 - Karthik K. Kumar
2012 - Michelle Sherrott; Skyler Silverman
2011 - Samantha Collins
2010 - Justin Vranic; Jessie Sun
2009 - Rishabh Jain
2008 - Erica Chalmers; Radhika Gupta; Jeremy Friedmar; John Tran

William R. Graham Materials Science and Engineering Senior Design Second Prize Award

2016 - Timothy Kean Khoon Goh; Jin Soo Lim
- Rami M Ezzibdeh
- Kevin Fritz; Francisco Lee; Stephanie Yang
2013 - Zachary J. Vrtis; Albert B. Fan
2012 - Sean Henson

William R. Graham Materials Science and Engineering Senior Design Third Prize Award

2016 - Julia L Fordham; Albert W Xiao
- Allison F Glugla
- Danielle Fau; Yutong Zhu
2013 - Katharine W. Oleske; Jennifer L. Sun
2012 - Amanda Fleischman

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award is given annually to a student in mechanical engineering and applied mechanics in recognition of his or her outstanding efforts and accomplishments on behalf of the ASME Student Chapter of the University of Pennsylvania.

2016: Mihiri Rajapaksa
2015: Sean Reidy
- Joseph Polin
2013 - Elizabeth E. Beattie
2011 - Nihar Naik
2010 - Daniel Yates-Berg
2009 - Matthew Owens
2008 - Matthew Ford
2007 - Kimberly N. Gallant
2006 - John J. Prosser
2005 - Michael J. Balsamo
2004 - Danielle S.Y. Alliman

Francis G. Tatnall Prize
The Francis G. Tatnall Prize is awarded to the senior whose senior design project is judged to be the most outstanding and which reflects the qualities of ingenuity, technical proficiency, and usefulness which characterized the work of the distinguished alumnus for whom the prize is named.

2016: Justin Chang, Foster Collins, Aedhan Loomis, Andrew McGrath, and Mike Meigs
- Mark J Gallagher; Kristopher J Li; Anthony M Terracciano; Bahram Banisadr
- Sebastian Schloesser; Sawyer Brooks; Emily Samuelson; Cristina Sorice
2013 - Lauren L. Davis; Michael P. Kofron; Stella M. Latscha; Gabrielle I. Merritt; Anthony M. Stroffolino
2012 - Annett Bordoley; Rikki Irwin; Craig McDonald; Dorsey Standish
2011 - Ritwik Lodhiya; Tal Bar-Or; Gaurav Gupta; Juan Jacobus-Avila; Ishan Sehgal
2010 - Anjay Kumar; Jeremy Lautman; Sudarshan Venu
2009 - Carolyn Fu; Vinny Kumar
2008 - Warren Jackson
2007 - Erik S. Trautman
2005 - Ngee Kuan Teo
2004 - Frederik W. Heger

William K. Gemill Memorial Award
The William K. Gemmill Memorial Award is awarded annually to that student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics who demonstrates outstanding creativity in an Engineering Design Project.

2016: Golam Kibria, John Kim, Christian Wang, and Tighe Costa
- John V Doyle III; Manfried Reiche Echandi; Thomas E Sutton; Jonathan T Whitman
- Joseph Hill; Alexander Neier; Joseph Polin; Justin Starr
2013 - Jason Gui; Drew T. Karabinos; Jonathan Kern; Richard B. Winston Jr.
2012 - Nicholas Bartlett; Neel Doshi; Nisan Lerea; Adam Libert; Carlee Wagner
2011 - Evan Dvorak; Lucas Hartman; Geoffrey Johnson; Kathryn Rohacz; Katherine Savarise
2010 - Tom Castner; Todd Tewksbury; Daniel Yates-Berg
2009 - Jonathan Bohren; Alexander Rattner
2008 - Francesca Lantazio; Elyse Newman
2007 - Peter G. Brueckner; Kristin M. Condello; Michael N. Dugan; William R. Jelliffe IX
2006 - Patrick E. Link; Brendan C. Grayeb; Adam C. Buresh
2005 - Elizabeth A. Lorelli
2004 - Paul J. Silberschatz

Judges Choice Award
The Judges Choice Award is presented annually to the senior whose senior design project is chosen for its excellence, based on the discretion of the judges.

2015 - Gregory V Caso; Kevin J Cruz; Davita R Frankel-Bonacci; Clara K Midgley; Robert G Ritchie
2014 - Keelen Collins; Jonathan Law; Kristin Marra; Sarah Martezian; Kate Wessels
2013 - Elizabeth E. Beattie; Nicholas H. McGill; Nicholas A. Parrotta; Nikolay S. Vladimirov

Ralph Teetor Award
The Ralph Teetor Award was established by the Department ofMechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics in memory of its distinguished alumnus, Ralph R. Teetor, Class of 1912. It is awarded annually to that senior who in the opinion of the department's faculty has demonstrated the qualities of ingenuity, creativity, scholarship, and service.

2016: Andrew McGrath 
- Thomas E. Sutton
- Justin Yim
2013 - Pablo Castillo
2012 - Alexander Ferro
2011 - Ian O'Hara
2010 - Alex H. Nakahara
2009 - Alexander Rattner
2008 - Matthew Kalmus
2007 - Olga Epshteyn
2006 - John J. Prosser
2006 - Doo Sik Lew
2005 - Laurence M. Lemaire
2004 - Andrew J. Poenicke

Victor W. K. Ku Memorial Award
The Victor W. K. Ku Memorial Award is presented annually to one student of systems engineering and one student of mechanical engineering, who at the end of their junior year best exemplify the ideals of high scholarship, personal discipline, and service to others for which Victor W. K. Ku, BSE (ME) '70, MSE (ME) '71, is remembered.

2016: Elyse Chase
- Joseph M. Mack
- Adam Farabaugh
2013 - Justin A Starr
2012 - Joshua Elkind; Daniel Wood
2011 - Sarah Clark
2010 - Lucas Hartman
2009 - Daniel Yates-Berg
2008 - Kate Chovanetz; Dov Fischer
2007 - Esteban P. Argudo
2006 - Michael N. Dugan
2006 - Eric G. Friedman
2005 - Adam C. Buresh
2004 - Michael J. Balsamo

Senior Design Best Poster Prize

2012 - Andrew Brown; Karan Desai; Andrew McGrath; Alfred Nukols; Grant Wilson
2011 - Rishi Agrawal; Tejus Goenka; Adhiraj Gupta; William Price; Misha Yerlick
2010 - Alex T. Berger; David Dahl; Jamie Greenberg; Zachary Zwicker
2009 - Nicholas Araujo; Alexander Greer; Jason Halpern; Thomas Macrina; Derek Ondrusek; Matthew Sylvester
2008 - Mari Oishi; Montana Rathe; Rachel Rothman
2007 - Evan Adelman; Angelina Benson-Glanz; Michael Corrente

John Couloucoundis Prize

2016: Sasha Klebnikov, William Cheng, Chevonae Walcott, and Christina Springer
- Adrian A Lievano; Aadithya V Prakash; Freddy Hernandez; Steven H Xing; Matthew J Lisle
- Iason Stamatiadis; Jonathan Cousins; Brandon Jennings; Jonathan Nino; Rafael Pelles
2012 - Sarah Clark; Sydney Jackopin; Jacob Orloff; Michael Posner; Michael Siegel
2011 - Michael Boyle; Nihar Dharamsey; Simon Healey; Nihar Naik; Andrew Stanley
2010 - Davesh Shah; Michael Shomin; Reed Lerner; Alikhan Sapargaliyev; Andrew Tam
2009 - Kate Chovanetz; Matthew MacMillan; Travis Van Schoyck
2008 - Esteban Argudo; Brian Cohen; Matthew Ford; Kimberly Gallant; Patricia Leskiw
2007 - Wy-Men Loh
2006 - Zachary J. Kirkhorn; Laura M. Sadow; Heather L. Keil (honorable mention); Emily L. Hilton (honorable mention)
2005 - Michael J. Balsamo
2004 - Rafael M. Ochoa; Andrew J. Poenicke; Andres F. Garro

Awards From Additional Sources

From the Moore School

John Grist Brainerd Award
The John Grist Brainerd Award is given annually to that member of the senior class in the Moore School, who, in the judgment of the staff of the Moore School, on the basis of his or her entire undergraduate performance, exemplifies the character, scholarship, professional attitude and broad interests required of the modern engineer.

2016 - Quan Ze Chen
- Mitchell T. Stern
- Allison Pearce
2013 - David P. Hallac
2012 - Kevin Xu; Ross Boczar
2011 - Lu Chen
2010 - Zachary Goldberg
2009 - Luke Zarko
2008 - Carlson Lau
2007- Peter J. Hornyack
2006 - Kanush Chaudhary
2005 - Jennifer W. Sin
2004 - Katherine F. Moore

Stuart Eichert, Jr. Memorial Prize
The E. Stuart Eichert, Jr. Memorial Prize, established by Technitrol, Incorporated, in memory of Mr. Eichert, a company co-founder and distinguished alumnus of the Moore School's Class of 1942, is awarded each year to students at the end of their junior year in the Moore School who, in the judgment of the School's faculty, best demonstrate initiative, intellectual attainment, and commitment to the professional practice of engineering.

2016 - Alex Y. Liao; Adam L. Zachar; Evan W. Huang
- Benson S. Chen; Sarah A. Dean; Monica A. Wojciechowski
- Nicole Limtiaco; Shafag Idris; Ishaan Nerurkar
2013 - Allison M. Pearce
2012 - David Hallac; Tarang Kapoor; Young Kwon
2011 - Samuel Panzer; Paul Gurniak; Madhav Nandipati
2010 - Andrew Townley; Jungsun (Ella) Kim; Lu Chen
2009 - Nathaniel Conrad; Ana Giannareas; Kevin Sin
2007 - David A. Gorski; Alissa Feldman; Anujit K. Shastri
2006 - Neal P. Parikh; Nathan S. Lazarus; Eric G. Friedman
2005 - Shoji D. Ueki; Michelle Lydia Kam; Chao Cai
2004 - Kathryn Y. Tong; Jennifer W. Sin; David J. Thornton

Atwater Kent Prize in Electrical Engineering
The A. Atwater Kent Prize in Electrical Engineering is awarded each year to that member of the senior class in the Moore School who, during his or her junior and senior year has, in the opinion of the faculty of the Moore School, shown the greatest progress in judgement and in the general grasp of the broad principles of electrical engineering, greatest development in personality and greatest promise of success in this field.

2016 - Sarah A. Dean
- Kelsey D. Duncombe-Smith
- Meghan Lockwood
2013 - Young Hyun Kwon
2012 - Paul Gurniak
2011 - Andrew Townley
2010 - Kevin Sin
2009 - Anil Venkatesh
2008 - David Siegel
2007 - Roman Geykhman
2006 - Chao Cai
2005 - Yuriy Vasilyev
2004 - Yao Hua Ooi

Walter Korn Award
The Walter Korn Award was established by the Korn family as an enduring tribute to their father, husband and friend. It is awarded annually to an outstanding senior in the Moore School who will be continuing on at the Moore School for a graduate degree. Selection of the recipient is made by the Moore School chairs and faculty, in conjunction with the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education.

2016 - Lina Huang; Sudarshan Muralidhar
- Alfredo Muniz
- Harmony Li
2013 - Samuel Y. Lim
2012 - Samuel Panzer; Ross Boczar
2011 - Ryan Menezes
2010 - Jonathan B. McCaffrey
2009 - Brandon Duick
2008 - Joseph Schorr
2007 - Ravi Chugh
2006 - Raphael A. Levy
2005 - Greg Kuperman
2004 - Piyawut Tantimekabut

Moore School Council Cwikla Award
The Cwikla Award is awarded annually to that senior who, in the opinion of the faculty of the Moore School, has demonstrated the greatest overall improvement in scholastic attainment and character development since matriculation as a freshman.

2016 - Gaston P. Montemayor Olaizola; Ronald E. Moore
- Mawunyo E Akabua
- Kelsey Brongo
2013 - Eric J. O'Brien; Katie L. Jordan
2012 - Zachary Zarrow; Nitin Puri
2011 - Lauren Frazier
2010 - Daniel Lindholm
2009 - Victoria Schwanda
2008 - Samuel Sa
2007 - Stephen P. Guerra
2006 - Khushboo M. Modi
2005 - Michael M. Andrusyna
2004 - David C. Lowe

From Advancing Women in Engineering

Jaros Baum and Bolles Award
The Jaros Baum and Bolles Award was established in 2008 by Letetia Tedori Callinan (MEAM '83) and is awarded to a Penn Engineering student who has demonstrated a commitment to advancing women in engineering (e.g. through mentoring or as a role model).

2016 - Ji Hyun Kong
- Katherine C. Miller
- Allison Pearce
2013 - Gabriela Moreno-Cesar
2012 - Sheetal Rajagopal
2011 - Samantha Wang
2010 - Alexandra Malikova
2009 - Julie Williams
2008 - Michelle Rosenthal; Amanda Leicht

From the Undergraduate Affairs Committee

Penn Engineering Exceptional Service Award
Formerly the Faculty Appreciation Award, his special award is given by the faculty of the School of Engineering and Applied Science to recognize and honor outstanding students for their service to the University.

2016 - Ethan B Abramson; Foster D Collins; Elaida D Dimwamwa; Kristen E Duda; Jacob K Hart; Jacob N Henner; Allison M. Higgins; Elizabeth I Hitti; Meyer I Kizner; Steven J Knauer; Samyukta L Lanka; William P Mannherz; Max L Mccarthy; Kush D Mehta; Sally E Mink; Jeffrey Ng; Jia-en M. Pan; Andrew B. Shichman; Elizabeth Silvestro; Marissa E Thompson; Caitlyn M Ullman; Jason H Woo; David M Zhang

- Nikhil Rajapuram, Alia K Lahr, Aditi Verma, Ethan J Basin, Jake W Hsu, Rebecca A Hallac, Stefanie G Alfonso, David J Mally, Christopher C Beyr, Joseph J Trovato, Debby L Greenstein, Mark J Harding, Michael Choi, Matthew J Lisle, Mandred Reiche Echandi. Shoshana A Yaffee, Scott C Wang, Rachel S Miao, Nina J Lu

- Elizabeth Feeney; Harrison Mace; Taylor Gilliland; Lauren Rodgers; Scott Danielsen; Steven Lee; Jeremy Bierema; Tiernan Garsys; Mainak Datta; Grace Wang; Jamie Levine; Kunal Mahajan; Mark Eisen; Sawyer Brooks; Nicholas Pesta; Justin Starr; Bianca Datta; Lindsay Tsai

2013 - Sohaib K Hashmi; Vikram B. Iyer; Michael S. Magaraci; Catherine P. Rojvirat; Abigail M. Jablansky; Gawain J. Lau; Nathan T. Close; Amalia M. Hawkins; Pulak Mittal; Ayaka Nonaka; Nicholas J. Howarth; Samuel N. Wolfson; Joshua A. Elkind; Stella M. Latscha; Michael H. Lo; Karthik K. Kumar; Katharine W. Oleske

2012 - Melissa Cedarholm; Bezhou Feng; Preeya Khanna; Zameer MErchant; Abigail Jablansky; Gawain Lau; Connie Ho; Nicholas Meyer; Gabriela Moreno-Cesar; Ayaka Nonaka; Naveen Kasthuri; Agatha Oliveira; Shilpa Sarode; Adam Libert; Nathaniel Naukam; Shengxi Yuan; Amanda Fleischman; Skyler Silverman

2011 - Andrea Barberio; Shengya Cao; Sarah Hanna; Samantha Wang; Efrem Braun; Matthew Gay; Nikhil Shankar; Alexey Komissarouk; Carolina Lee; Peter Maa; Yi Zhou; Varun Balan; Brandon Hedvat; Ivan Levcovitz; Amanda Zwarenstein; Michael Boyle; William Cheringal; Nils Dahl; William McGill; Xiao Qiao

2010 - Tiffany Wang; Zen Liu; Samantha Wang; Dheepa Sekar; Dominique A. Ingato; Matthew S. Rehmann; Zachary Meister; Ryan Menezes; Jacob Fiddelman; Gaoxiang Hu; Sagar Shah; Samuel L. Levine; Neeraj Wahi; Brandon Duick; Nathan R. Lee; Julie Williams; Thomas Castner; Jedtsada Laucharoen

2009 - Amal Abdul Rahuman; Osama Ahmed; Jonathan Bohren; Erin Chang; Conor Donelly; Jason Halpern; Aaron Jacobson; Ethan Keller; Daniel Lustig; Zachary Meister; Feyisola Ogunfemi; Jessica Seidelman; Alexander Seletsky; Roman Shor; Ashley Stein; Yexiang Tan; Charlotte Tsui; Neeraj Wahi; Arthur Ao Xu

2008 - Kiersten Craig; Matthew Evans; Chrysta Irolla; Ernest Gomez; Michael Lerman; Carl Mackey; Robert Metter; Suraj Patel; Baris Seven; Anujit Shastri; Jonathan Singer; Meredith Skolnik; Daniel Wallman; Jeffrey Weinstein; David Winchell; Jessica Zestar-Postrk

2007 - Michelle Marise Aleong; Noel R. Camacho; Michael P. Corrente; Ali H. Dhanaliwala; Henry Levi Friedman; Ariel E. Gilder; Clarinda Lim; Anna D. Mayergoyz; Christian P. Moore; Neal P. Parikh; Kevin L. Rakszawski; George A. Scangas

2006 - Michelle M. Aleong; Lauren B. Costello; Daniel Donavanik; Mark E. Dweck; Joshua D. Furman; Emily L. Hilton; Jeff S. Klein; Laurence M. Lemaire; Aryeh D. Levine; Trevor V. Lott; Dominique V. Low; Andrea N. Miltiades; Jocelyn A. Nelson; Neal P. Parikh; Alexandra E. Ressler; Noura M. Selim; Pooja Sethi; Michael S. Siddiqui; Evan Silverstein; Kusha G. Tavakoli

2005 - Bertan Aygun; Daniel S. Bukenholts; Edison S. Conner Jr.; Andrea G. Denunzio; David S. Gokhin; Radhika Gupta; Jing Hu; Chanatip Kitwiwattanachai; Michael S. Pao; Andrea Puig; Ashley L. Siems; Michael A. Smeets; Jonathan A. Sussman; Kathryn Y. Tong; Vinay S. Viralam; Leotaro N. Weitzenhoff

2004 - Axel Andrejs; Jason S. Bethala; Sith Chaisurote; Yen Chu Cheng; Cheryl A. Cohen; Brian E. Corwin; Sean P. Cusack; Katherine L. Dykes; John Y. Eanes; Nicholas O. Gunden; Magdalena A. Jonikas; Robert M. Lavan; William J. Lovas; Sameer A. Qudsi; Sapna S. Tejwani; Rachel H. Webre; Leotaro N. Weitzenhoff; William W. Yeoh

Manfred Altman Memorial Award
The Manfred Altman Memorial Award, founded in recognition of the outstanding qualities possessed by Professor Manfred Altman, is given annually to the freshman or sophomore in engineering who has best demonstrated initiative, innovation, and ingenuity in his or her studies.

2016 - Brandon Kao
- Lucy R Chai
- Mitchell Stern
2013 - Yutong Zhu
2012 - Pulak Mittal; Meghan Lockwood
2011 - Ian Penkala; Young Kwon
2010 - Madhav Nandipati
2009 - Nathaniel Naukam
2008 - Nathan Lee
2007 - Luke T. Zarko
2006 - Han Hu
2005 - Emily P. Chang
2004 - Adam C. Buresh

Ben and Bertha Gomberg Kirsch Prize (Applied Science Prize)
The Applied Science Prize is awarded by the faculty to that member of senior class in the Applied Science Program who, in applying the flexibility of the program, has created a personal academic experience involving the most creative use of the resources of the University. Scholastic achievement, originality, innovation, and intellectual maturity are important considerations in selecting the recipient.

2016 - Aardra Rajendran
- Jason Y. Kong
- Laurie Vogel
2013 - Kuan-Yui Lai
2012 - Rong Fu
2011 - Robert Yaffe
2010 - Christine Wang' Nechemya Kagedan
2009 - Saurabh Jalan
2008 - Han Hu
2007 - Elaine C. Khoong
2006 - Evan Silverstein
2005 - Dominique V. Low
2004 - Amin Y. Venjura

Engineering Alumni Society E. Stuart Eichert, Jr. Award
The Engineering Alumni Society E. Stuart Eichert, Jr. Student Award is given annually by the Engineering Alumni Society to that student in School of Engineering and Applied Science who, during his or her junior year, best exemplifies the characteristics of selfless service to the University and the Community.

2016 - Andrew W. Parsons
- Ji Hyun Sally Kong; James C. Lovey
- Manfred Reiche Echandi
2013 - Meghan M. Lockwood
2012 - Andrew Glace
2011 - Eve Lee
2010 - Philip Asare
2009 - Matthew Canver; Stephen McGill
2008 - Daniel Wallman
2007 - Matthew G. Kalmus
2006 - Anna D. Mayergoyz
2005 - Noelia A. Pacheco
2004 - Ashley L. Siems

Engineers' Club of Philadelphia Young Engineer Award
The Engineers Club of Philadelphia Young Engineer Award is given to a graduating senior in the School of Engineering and Applied Science based on his or her leadership, scholarship, personality and technical society activity while at the University.

Albert P. Godsho Engineering Prize
The Albert P. Godsho Engineering Prize is awarded to the graduating senior in the School of Engineering and Applied Science who has been selected by the faculty as having displayed the best grasp of the mathematical principles underlying the profession of engineering.

2016 - Sarah A. Dean; Jeremy R. Bierema
- Rocky L. Diegmiller
- Yutong Zhu
2013 - Daniel F. Consoli
2012 - Nicholas Watson
2011 - Kiuk Chung; Lu Tian
2010 - Andres Felipe Velazquez
2009 - Joshua Margarick
2008 - Matthew Chu
2007 - Roman Geykhman
2006 - Michelle L. Kam
2005 - Prasheel V. Lillaney
2004 - Yongjoon P. Lee

Wolf-Hallac Award
The Wolf-Hallac Award was established in October 2000 and goes to a graduating female senior from Penn Engineering who is seen as a role model, has achieved excellence academically and who has demonstrated a commitment to school and/or community.

2016 - Emily C. Zhang; Monica Wojciechowski
2015 -
Nicole L. Limtiaco; Natalie R. Miller
- Meghan Lockwood
2013 - Connie Y Ho; Samantha E Leong
2012 - Sarah Clark; Michelle Sherrott
2011 - Erin Chang; Alice Yurechko
2010 - Brynn Shepherd
2009 - Samantha Lee
2008 - Megan Liszweski
2007 - Emily P. Chang
2006 - Deeksha G. Hebbar
2005 - Jennifer W. Sin
2004 - Jingli Wang

Hugo Otto Wolf Memorial Prize
The Hugo Otto Wolf Memorial Prize, founded by Otto C. Wolf in memory of his son, is awarded to that member of the senior class in each department of the School of Engineering and Applied Science who, during the senior year, by the thoroughness and originality of his or her work, meets with the greatest approval of the professors in charge.

2016 - Mohamed Abo Sakr; Sarah A. Dean; Timothy Kean Khoon Goh; Rahul Gupta; Govind S. Mattay; Michelle M. Socher
- Kelly M. Rogers; Antonio E. Barberio; Eric Kutschera; Justin Yim; Adam J. Farabaugh; Junyang Lu
2014 - Akash Kumar; Ryan Marschang; Shi He; Hardik Gupta; Yutong Zhu; Jenna Kanterman
2013 - Max E. Epelbaum; Andrew W. Glace; Eric Kim; Young Hyun Kwon; Ashleigh L. Thomas; Daniel A Wood
2012 - Varesh Prasad; William Mulhearn; Seth Shannin; Kevin Conley; Grant Wilson; Jue Pu
2011 - Fahad Al Ameri; Edward Eckels; Zachary Meister; Jungsun Kim; Andrew Stanley; Samantha Collin
2010 - Matthew Difrancesco; Clarence Quah; Stephanie M. Amato; William C. Jordan; Ji Y. Kim; Nathan R. Lee; Mallory Jensen
2009 - David Argudo; Alex Fick; Timothy McKenna; Orrin Meyers; Eric Van Nostrand; Luke Zarko; Harvey Zhang
2008 - Esteban Argudo; Anthony Curnes; Bari Dane; Johanna Engel; Preeti Rajendran; George Scangas; Micah Sheppard
2007 - Emily P. Chang; Ravi K. Chugh; Michael N. Dugan; Eric G. Friedman; Rong Hu; Nathan S. Lazarus; Andrea R. Tan
2006 - Aimee Bailey; Chao Cai; Raphael A. Levy; Qiuwei Lin; Kathryn Y. Tong; Zachary J. Williams; Fletcher T. Wilson
2005 - Khanh P. Thieu; Arthur W. H. Chan; Jonathan D. Goulet; Matthew J. Ehmer; Jessica J. Pannequin; David H. Cohen; Douglas Weng Wah Tham
2004 - Deepak M. Kollali; Andre M. Ilbawi; Brian D. Figura; Kevin P. Gimpel; Piyawut Tantimekabut; Kevin C. Galloway; Gregory C. LeMay; Brian J. Caceres

Management and Technology Awards

Management and Technology Scholarship Award
The Management and Technology Scholarship Award is awarded by the SEAS faculty to that member of the senior class in the Management and Technology Program who has created an innovative system and attained high scholastic achievement.

2016 - Joseph M. Mack; Ian N. Sibner
2015 -
Pratyunsha Gupta
- Ryan Marschang
2013 - Ethan G. Aaron
2012 - Akash Shah
2011 - Ramanan
2010 - Alexander Yen
2009 - Louis Wang
2008 - Neil Tenenholtz
2007 - Priyanka Agarwal
2006 - Kanush Chaudhary
2005 - Adrian B. D. Becker
2004 - Yao Hua Ooi

Michele Huber and Brian D. Giles Memorial Award
The Michelle Huber and Brian D. Giles Memorial Award is presented annually on behalf of the Trustees Council of Penn Women to a graduating senior in the Management and Technology Program who best exemplifies the qualities of academic excellence, leadership, service, concern for humankind and love of the University.

2016 - Cathryn R. Herbst
- Nicole Woon
2013 - Starry C. Peng
2012 - Eve Lee
2011 - Amin Lakhani
2010 - Alexander Yen
2009 - Kathleen Wu
2008 - Ernest Gomez
2007 - Elaine C. Khoong
2006 - Deeksha G. Hebbar
2005 - Bryan Ken-Chin Chao
2004 - Jason R. Franklyn

Naren Udayagiri Scholarship Award
The Naren Udayagiri Scholarship Award is presented in memory of Professor Naren Udayagiri, a distinguished scholar, valued colleague and outstanding educator. It is awarded to a junior Management and Technology student who has achieved distinction scholastically and has demonstrated his or her commitment to excellence in both engineering and business.

2016 - Dhriti Kishore
- Amy Tang
2013 - Shahaab Bhanji
2012 - Samuel Shelley
2011 - Corey Lurch
2010 - Huanwu Li
2009 - Samuel Lerer; Noah Ready-Campbell
2008 - Saurabh Jalan; Carlson Lau
2007 - Kathleen Y. Chung
2006 - Puja Guha
2005 - Alexandra R. Harris
2004 - Khanh P. Thieu; Ashish B. Doshi

Awards for Graduate Students

For Graduate Students

The John A. Goff Prize
This prize was established in honor of Dr. John A. Goff, former Dean of the Towne School and Asa Whitney, Professor. It is awarded annually to a graduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics who has been selected by the faculty on the basis of criteria of scholarship, resourcefulness, and leadership.

2016 - Alison Koser, Naomi Fitter
- Nicholas Schneider
2013 - Matthew Turpin
2012 - David Arudo
2011 - Nora Ayanian
2010 - Joseph M. Grogran
2009 - Neil Zuckerman
2008 - Richard Springman
2007 - Mong-Ying Hsieh
2006 - Adam J. Engler
2005 - Joshua W. Lampe
2004 - Carl Jannetti

Solomon R. Pollack Award for Excellence in Graduate Bioengineering Research (Est. 1993)
In recognition of Solomon R. Pollack's professional and personal contributions to bioengineering research and to his graduate students, this award is given annually to the most deserving bioengineering graduate student who has successfully completed research that is original and recognized as being at the forefront of its field.

2016 - Ankit Khambhati, Jennel Smith
- Ajlan Al Zaki
- Marshall Levesque
2013 - Neha P. Kamat; Sudhir Khetan
2012 - Michael Gandal; Shannon Telesco
2011 - Jamie Ifkovits; Kyle Quinn
2010 - Santhosh Palani; Jonathan Viventi
2009 - Antony K. Chen
2008 - Raymond D. Hubbard
2007 - Brittany Coats
2006 - Peter P. Ghoroghchian
2006 - Nastaran Zahir
2005 - Andrew Wheaton
2004 - Julie Ying Hui Ji

The Morris and Dorothy Rubinoff Award
This award is presented by the School of Engineering and Applied Science to a graduate degree candidate whose dissertation has resulted in or could lead to innovative applications of computer technology.

2015 - Loris D'antoni; Paramveer Dhillon
- Katerina Fragkiadaki; Arun Raghavan; David Weiss
2013 - Kook Jin Ahn; Zhiyi Huang
2012 - John Kulesza
2011 - Colin Blundell; Alexander Toshev
2010 - Todd Green; Micah Sherr
2009 - John Nate Foster; Jennifer Wortman
2008 - Swarat Chaudhuri
2007 - Ameesh Makadia; Matt Huenerfauth
2006 - Marcelo Siqueira; Insik Shin
2005 - David Chiang
2004 - Franjo Ivancic; Karthikeyan Bhargavan

The S. J. Stein Prize (formerly The Electro-Science Laboratories Prize)
The S. J. Stein Prize is awarded to a Ph.D. or M.S.E. degree recipient for superior achievement in the field of new or unique materials or applications for materials in electronics. This prize acknowledges that achievement and encourages continued interest in this important field. This award is made possible by a generous donation from the S. J. Stein family.

2016 - Yu Xia
- Yu-Ming Lai; Pavan Nukala
- Soong Ju Oh
2013 - Michael-Jon Ainsley Hore
2012 - David Conklin
2011 - Matteo Rinaldi
2010 - Yeonwoong Jung
2009 - Beth Guiton
2008 - Yudi Wang
2007 - Roman Groger
2006 - Hui Wu, Marc Cawkwell
2005 - Juraj Vavro
2004 - Yu Wang
2004 - Jae-Ho Chung

Graduate Research Symposium Best Graduate Student Presentation
The "Best Graduate Student Presentation" awards at the Penn Engineering Graduate Research Symposium (GRS) are selected by a panel of experts from industry. The best graduate students selected by the GRS program committee are given the opportunity to present at the GRS. One award is presented for each of the three technology tracks: Computer and Information Science and Engineering, Biologically based Science and Engineering, and Physically based Science and Engineering. The best presentation is selected based on the quality of the presentation and the creativity of the research.

2007 - Kandice Johnson; Jonathan Clark (Postdoc); Nicholas Taylor; Chen Xu
2006 - Sebastian Burckhard; Brian Edwards; Adam J. Engler
2005 - Fariyal Ahmed; Michelle H. Chen; Evangelos Vergetis
2004 - Matthew P. Huenerfauth; Ken Lo; Rahul Rao

Charles Hallac and Sarah Keil Wolf Award

2016 - Fei Miao
- Jeannie Moulton
2008 - Hadas Kress Gazit

Joseph, D'16, and Rosaline Wolf Award

- Konstantinos Gatsis; Ahmed Mahmoud
- Nikolay Atanasov
- Miroslav Pajic
2012 - Mohammad Rezaei Khouzani
2011 - Kin-Wah (Eric) Kwong
2010 - alireza Tahbaz Salehi
2009 - Brian Edwards
2008 - Nader Motee

Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students

2010 - Benjamin Gojman; Joseph Kider

Other Awards


Delaware Valley Engineers' Week Council: Undergraduate Engineering Scholarship
The Engineers Week Council Scholarships offers scholarships to engineering undergraduates in the Delaware Valley.

2007 - Tal S. Raviv

Tau Beta Pi Scholarship
The Tau Beta Pi Association Scholarship Program was established in 1998 with five awards named in honor of former Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus R.H. Nagel. Awards are made to Scholars for their senior year of full-time engineering study.

Barry M. Goldwater Prize
The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Program was created to encourage outstanding students to pursue careers in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering and to foster excellence in those fields.

2007 - Luke T. Zarko
2006 - Jonathan P. Singer

George C. Macfarland Scholarship
The Foundation of the St. Andrew's Society was established in 1958 as a non-profit corporation to promote understanding between the United States and Scotland by awarding scholarships to carefully selected men under 35 years of age to attend institutions of higher learning in Scotland.

2004 - Daniel Donavanik

Penn Genome Frontiers Institute Excellence in Genomics Undergraduate Award

2012 - Kevin Sun
2010 - Matthew Canver


Tau Beta Pi Fellowship
The Fellowship Program is Tau Beta Pi's single most important project for the advancement of engineering education and the profession. Tau Beta Pi fellows are free to do graduate work in any field which will enable them to contribute to the engineering profession.

2007 - Carlson T. C. Lau

National Science Foundation Fellowship
The National Science Foundation Fellowship provides three years of support for graduate study leading to research-based master's or doctoral degrees in science, mathematics and engineering supported by the NSF and are intended for students in the early stages of their graduate study.

Whitaker Foundation Grant
Established by the Whitaker Foundation and the Institute of International Education, the Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program for overseas biomedical engineering study and research works to develop professional leaders who are not only superb engineers and scientists, but who will lead and serve the profession with an international outlook.

Thouron Fellowship
The Thouron Scholarship was founded by Sir John and Esther Thouron to promote understanding and friendship between the people of the United Kingdom and those of the United States of America.

2016 - Emily Zhang
- Allison Pearce
2010 - Samuel Levine
2006 - Aimee Bailey

Other Awards

Delaware Valley Engineers Week Council Student Paper Contest
The Delaware Valley Engineers Week Council Student Paper Contest recognizes outstanding technical and/or engineering related papers written by an engineering undergraduate

Penn Student Agencies and James Howard Weiss Memorial Awards
The Penn Student Agencies and James Howard Weiss Memorial Awards are given to graduating seniors in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and significant leadership in campus activities. The minimum grade point average requirement for this award is 3.70.

2010 - Matthew Canver
2007 - Elaine C. Khoong
2007 - An Nguyen

William L. Everitt Student Award of Excellence
The International Engineering Consortium's William L. Everitt Student Award of Excellence honors outstanding seniors who have demonstrated an interest in the communications field.

2012 - Charles Jeon; Varun Sampath
2011 - Paul Martin; Andrew Townley
2010 - Kevin Sin; Stephen McGill
2004 - Sith Chaisurote; Yao Hua Ooi