2023 Year in Review

In 2023, Penn Engineering pushed the boundaries of science and technology. The 23 stories below highlight the accomplishments of our students, faculty and centers and their impact on fields as diverse as artificial intelligence and energy and sustainability.


Featured Stories

  1. ASSET Center Inaugural Seed Grants Will Fund Trustworthy AI Research in Healthcare
  2. Penn Scientist Nader Engheta Wins the Benjamin Franklin Medal
  3. Kirigami Structures Pull Water from the Air
  4. ‘Topping Off’ the Future of Energy Science at Penn
  5. Mark Allen Elected to National Academy of Engineering
  6. Targeted Prenatal Therapy for Mothers and Their Babies Addresses Longstanding Gap in Health Equity
  7. Real or Fake Text? We Can Learn to Spot the Difference
  8. Class of 2023 President’s Engagement, Innovation Prize Winners Announced
  9. Lithography-Free Photonic Chip Offers Speed and Accuracy for Artificial Intelligence
  10. 2023 Senior Design Project Competition Winners Announced
  11. Penn Engineering’s Premiere Podcast: ‘Innovation & Impact’
  12. Engineered White Blood Cells Eliminate Cancer
  13. Penn Launches New Center for Quantum Information, Engineering, Science and Technology (Penn QUIEST)
  14. ‘Topping Off’ Amy Gutmann Hall
  15. For a New Generation of Antibiotics, Scientists are Bringing Extinct Molecules Back to Life – and Discovering the Hidden Genetics of Immunity Along the Way
  16. Penn GEMS Brings STEM to Summer Camp
  17. Engineering Changemakers: Honoring Cora Ingrum and Donna Hampton
  18. The Future of Medicine Rises in University City: University of Pennsylvania Opens New Multi-Disciplinary Research Labs in One uCity Square
  19. Silicon Ally: Penn Engineers Grow Full Wafers of High-Performing 2D Semiconductor That Integrates With State-of-the-Art Chips
  20. A Centimeter-Scale Quadruped Leverages Curved-Crease Origami
  21. Arjun Raj Receives 2023-24 Heilmeier Award
  22. The Singh Center for Nanotechnology Turns 10
  23. The NEMO Prize Goes to Research Improving Soft-Tissue Transplant Surgeries