Creating Human Behavior Models Able to Enhance Synthetic Agents:Research Results To Date

A taxonomy of this research to date includes the following. I don't have this setup yet with links from each of these items to the relevant material, but if you wade through the lower portion of this archive you will find the relevant items. If not, please email me and I will be happy to provide the relevant briefing, report, video, etc. material. Note: Find this page in Romanian here.

Some of the Sponsors of This Research:
Defense Modeling and Simulation Office, Pentagon
Office of Naval Research
General Motors Corporation
Institute for Defense Analyses
GH Engineering, Inc.
Lockheed Martin
US Government

Historical archive of articles, reports, briefings, and video clips related to this research:

Papers for the 10th Conf. On Computer Generated Forces and Behavioral Representation, SISO, May. 2001:

An anthology of Performance Moderator Functions (PMFs) and Human Behavior Models (HBMs) Papers written summer 2001: Papers for the 11th Conf. On Computer Generated Forces and Behavioral Representation, SISO, May. 2002: Papers written winter 2003: Summer 2003: Testbed for improving the realism of Unreal Tournament game-bots:
  • Mathematical Theory of Software Agent Behavior and Human Behavior Models (HBMs) to Increase the Realism of Synthetic Agents (Final Technical Report)

  • 2004 Winter - Papers Prepared (More Detail at Serious Games) 2004 Summer - Crowd Scaleup Testing (1,000 PMFserv agents)

    2005 Reports on World/Political Leader Modeling
    2005 - Many Platforms are Sponsoring Integrations to PMFserv (stay tuned)
    2006 - Leader-Follower Research and Socio-Cultural Gaming

    2011 - Nonkin Village (Prize Winner)

    2012 - StateSim Factsheet

    The repository holding Barry Silverman's latest publications exists at