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Sunday Review Sessions

Sunday Review Sessions are sessions in which students will be able to work on practice problems directly related to the course material. Each week, we will post the worksheet and answers for the sunday review sesion (SRS) held. SRS will be held every Sunday at 11am - 1pm and location Towne 217.

Date Worksheet Answers
February 4, 2024 Variables, Types, Conditionals, and Loops Answer Key
February 11, 2024 Loops & Arrays Answer Key
February 18, 2024 Arrays & Functions Answer Key
March 17, 2024 Functions, JUnit, Searching, Records, & Objects Answer Key
March 24, 2024 Objects, References, & ADT Answer Key
March 30, 2024 List ADT (ArrayList), Nodes, & Recursion Answer Key
April 7, 2024 Recursion Recap, 2D Arrays Answer Key