CIS 120: Programming Languages and Techniques I
Spring 2020

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Office hours

The course staff (instructors and TAs) are available for assistance during scheduled office hours, listed in the calendar below. Please drop by, even if you don't have a specific question. You may also contact the instructor for an individual appointment if you would like to discuss your concerns privately. We expect you to contact us, especially if you are experiencing difficulty in the course. We are here to help!

CIS 120 Office hours are usually held in the Towne building (during the week). See the calendar below for details.

Please sign up for office hours!

Office hours can be very busy depending on the time of the semester. To help manage the flow of our office hours, CIS120 will be using an online office hours queueing system. The system allows you to sign up with either your name or phone number and provide a short description of what you'd like to discuss. If you sign up with your phone number, the system will automatically text you when a TA is ready for you. To avoid delays, please arrive within two minutes or your spot will be forfeited.

To sign up for office hours with your phone number, click here.

To view the current state of the office hour queues, click here. If prompted, enter the below credentials. To avoid this in the future, check the 'Remember me' box. Submitting the credential may redirect you to a flash-enabled page. If that happens and your browser does not support flash, simply close the page and click the above link again.

Username: upenn.seascourse.monitor
Password: qless