Collaboration/academic honesty

Collaboration on homework is encouraged. You are also free to consult any outside sources such as tutorials, books, or wikis, and to seek help from sources such as the #haskell IRC channel on freenode or StackOverflow (though your first stop for questions should be piazza).

However, the following restrictions apply:

Academic dishonesty of any form will not be tolerated, and will typically result in a score of zero on the assignments in question, at the very least.


Each homework assignment is graded on the following scale:

A revised version of each assignment may be submitted by the due date of the subsequent assignment. The final grade on an assignment is computed as follows:

Final grades will computed as a weighted average:

The paritipation grade will also include several quizzes which will take place during class. These quizzes will be graded only for completeness, not correctness, and they will be announced ahead of time. They are an opportunity for you to get a different sort of feedback on your skill level than you can get from homework assignments.