Package edu.umbc.cs.maple.utils

Class Summary
ColtSGTUtils Various utility functions for Spectral Graph Theory using the COLT matrix library.
ColtUtils Various utility functions for the COLT matrix library.
JamaUtils Various utility functions for the Jama matrix toolkit.
JavaUtils Various utility functions for Java.
MathUtils A collection of mathematical utility functions.
MLUtils A collection of machine learning utility functions.
PairedTTester A class to perform a statistical paired T-test on a set of data.
SGTUtils This class implements utility functions for Spectral Graph Theory methods.
WekaUtils Various utility functions for Weka.

Enum Summary
JamaUtils.Function Specifies a simple mathematical function.
MathUtils.SimilarityMetric Defines a similarity metric measure
SGTUtils.KeyEigenvalues Defines whether the largest or the smallest eigenvalues are the most important (i.e.
SGTUtils.LaplacianType Defines the type of the graph Laplacian
WekaUtils.SVMLightLabelFormat Defines the format of the SVMLight labels