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I. Liberal and N. Engheta, “Multi-Qubit Subradiant States with N-port Waveguide Devices: Epsilon-and-mu- near-zero hubs and nonreciprocal circulators,” submitted, under review. M. Esfandyarpour, A. G. Curto, P. G. Kik, N. Engheta, and M. Brongersma, “Optical Emission near a High- Impedance Mirror,” submitted.  (The earlier version is posted on ArXiv ) G. T. Papadakis, P. Narang, R. Sundararaman, N. Rivera, H. Buljan, N. Engheta, and M. Soljacic, “Ultra-light Angstrom-scale Optimal Optical Reflectors,” submitted, under review.  (The earlier version of this manuscript is posted on ArXiv as F. Prudencio, J. Costa, C. Fernandes, N. Engheta and M. Silveirinha, “Experimental Verification of “Waveguide” Plasmonics,” submitted, under review H. Zhu, M. Zhang, A. G. Richardson, T. H. Lucas, N. Engheta, and J. Van der Spiegel, “Design of a Wireless Fully Event-Driven Electrogoniometer Integrated Low Power Impulse-Radio Ultra-Wide Band Transciever,” submitted, under review. Y. Li and N. Engheta, “Capacitor-Inspired Metamaterials Inductors,” submitted, under review.
D. Ploss, A. Kriesch, C. Etrich, N. Enghera, and U. Peschel, “Young’s Double Slit, Invisible Objects, and the Role of Noise in an Optical Epsilon-Near-Zero Experiments,” accepted for publication in ACS Photonics, in press. V. Pacheco-Pena, N. Engheta, S. Kuznetsov, A. Gentselev, and M. Beruete, “Experimental Realization of an Epsilon- Near-Zero Graded-Index Metalens at TeraHertz Frequencies,” accepted for publication in Physical Review Applied, in press. R. Bekenstein, Y. Kabessa, Y. Sharabi, O. Tal, N. Engheta, G. Eisenstein, A. J. Agranat, M. Segev, “Nanophotonics in Three Dimensional Curved Space Inspired by General Relativity Concepts, “ accepted for publication in Nature Photonics, in press G. W. Hanson, H. Xin, W. Chew, N. Engheta, C. Fumeaux, and S. Hagness, “The Role of Commercial Simulators and Multidisciplinary Training in Graduate-Level Electromagnetics Education,” accepted for publication in the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, in press (Invited) A. Alu and N. Engheta, “Enabling a New Degree of Wave Control with Metamaterials:  A Personal Perspective,” Journal of Optics, Special Issue on the History of Metamaterials (guest editors: S. Tretyakov, A. Urbas, and N. Zheludev), Vol. 19, 084008 (2017)
N. Enheta, “In Pursit of Waves,” Nature Nanotechnology, Vol. 12, p. 394, April 2017. I. Liberal, A. Mahmoud, Y. Li, B. Edwards, and N. Engheta, “Photonic Doping of Epsilon-Near-Zero Media,” Science, Vol. 355, Issue 6329, pp. 1058-1062, March 10, 2017. I. Liberal and N. Engheta, “Near-Zero Refractive Index Photonics”, Nature Photonics, Vol. 11, pp. 149-158, March 2017. •  Our article made the cover story of this issue of Nature Photonics. N. Greybush, I. Liberal, L. Malassis, J. M. Kikkawa, N. Engheta, C. B. Murray, and C. R. Kagan, “ Plasmon Resonances in Self-Assembled Two-Dimensional Au Nanocrystal Metamolecules,” ACS Nano, published online, February 12, 2017. I. Liberal, Y. Li, and N. Engheta, “Magnetic Field Concentration Assisted by Epsilon-Near-Zero Media,” Philosophical Transactions of Royal Society A., Vol. 375: 20160059, February 20, 2017 Y. Li, I. Liberal, and N. Engheta, “Dispersion Synthesis with Multi-Ordered Metatronic Filters,” Optics Express, Vol. 25, No. 3, pp. 1937-1948, February 6, 2017.
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