SPICE Models for Selected Devices and Components

1. AC Linear Macromodel of the 741 operational amplifier

(Ref: Macromodeling with Spice, by J.A. Connelly/P. Choi)

This subcircuit models the 741 opamp with resistors, capacitors and dependent voltage sources. The specs of the opams are as follows:

This is a linear model and hence does not model slewing of the operational amplifier.

2. Diode Model: 1N4148

3. NPN Transistors

4. MOSIS SPICE model parameters

1.2 micron CMOS model (Level 3)

For a description of the parameters see SPICE MODEL PARAMETERS OF MOSFETS

Typical parameters

Note: A continuation sign + has been added at the beginning of a new line in the model statements.

Maximum parameters

Minimum parameters

Parameters of the last MOSIS runs as well as process specifications for the HP1.2 um nwell process with linear capacitor option (CMOS34) can be obtained directly from MOSIS (HP 1.2um CMOS34). One can also obtain information about other IC processes offered through MOSIS.

5. N Channel JFET: 2N5459

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Jan Van der Spiegel
Created October 15, 1995; Updated August 17, 1997