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Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr. Jongin Hong, 2006-2007 (Assistant Professor, Chung-Ang University, Korea)
Doctoral Students
Dr. Neil Zuckerman, Ph.D. 2011 (Development Staff Engineer, Seagate Technology, Bloomington, MN)
Dissertation: Propagation and Scattering of Mechanical Vibrations in Semiconductor Materials
Dr. Jack Franklin, Ph.D. 2010 (Metallurgical Engineer, Rio Tinto Alcan, France)
Dissertation: Patterning of Alloy Precipitation through External Pressure
Dr. Anuj Chaudhri, Ph.D. 2009 (Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Dissertation: Dissipative Particle Dynamics for Mesoscopic Particle-Based Thermal-Fluid Simulations
Master's Students
Timothy Smiley, M.S. 2006 (Lieutentant Junior Grade, U.S. Navy)
Thesis: Applied Modulated Thermoreflectance Microscopy for the Detection of Buried Structures
Jesse Cugliotta, M.S. 2006 (Consultant, Terra Technology)
Thesis: Fabrication and Testing of a Microscale Coulter Counter for Usage as a
Flowrate Measurement System in Microscale Channels
Joshua Fabian, M.S. 2004 (Deputy Program Manager and Experiment Lead, Lockheed Martin)
Thesis: Multimodal Heat Transfer Program for Surface Ship Temperature Prediction
Undergraduate Students
Azani Pinkney, June-August 2011
Charles Repoux, June-August 2010
Dan Shmueli, June 2009-May 2010
Brian Cohen, September 2007-August 2008
Alexsandra Fridshtand, May-August 2006
Fletcher Wilson, May-August 2005

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