English 293 - Literature and Science

This class is being taught by Darryl Wadsworth, who has provided an on-line sylabus and schedule.

The first book we read was Frankenstein. Next, I think we're supposed to read some Darwin. We read "The Time Machine" and "Jekyll and Hyde."

For my in-class presentation, I am looking into Computers and Literature. There is a lot to consider. At the same time I have to read "The Turn of the Screw," and some Freud.

For my short paper, I wrote about Isaac Asimov.

We also read three chapters in Ulysses. It was a challenging book to read, but dense, too. After reading a bit of Ulysses, my Dad wrote the following:

     Three hours had passed since his meticulously crafted essay was
saved and now this!  Frozed cursed curser. Mouse moves. Nothing
else. Nice work it was too. Good for D to B. It's in there, he new,
but out of reach at 5:00 AM with class at 8:00. Wissywig where are
you? Sic Mac dormus discus crapoutus.
     Would the prof allow that a dog ate it? There goes GPA. And gradschool.
For my long paper, I'm going to compare the "Matrix" from Gibson's Neuromancer to the internet.