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Rahul Mangharam is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a founding member of the PRECISE Center and directs mLAB - Real-Time and Embedded Systems Lab at Penn. His interests are in cyber-physical systems which involves the tight coupling of communication, computation and control with physical systems. His current focus is on applications within medical devices, energy efficient buildings, automotive systems and industrial wireless control networks.

Rahul received the 2016 US Presidential Early Career Award (PECASE), the 2014 IEEE Benjamin Franklin Key Award, 2013 NSF CAREER Award, 2012 Intel Early Faculty Career Award and was selected by the National Academy of Engineering for the 2012 US Frontiers of Engineering.

Rahul's group has won several awards: 2017 American Controls Conference, 2016 DoE CleanTech Prize (Regional), SRC TECHCON 2015, IPSN 2012, RTAS 2102, Intel Innovators Award 2012, World Embedded Programming Competition 2012 and 2010, Honeywell Industrial Wireless Award 2011, and Google Zeitgeist Award 2011.

Rahul received his Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University where he also received his MS and BS. In 2002, he was a member of technical staff in the Ultra-Wide Band Wireless Group at Intel Labs. He was an international scholar in the Wireless Systems Group at IMEC, Belgium in 2003. He has worked on ASIC chip design at FORE Systems (1999) and Gigabit Ethernet at Apple Computer Inc. (2000). He was the Stephen J. Angelo Term Chair Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania from 2008-2013. He also holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences.

October 2017: New $1.5MM Intel Science Technology Center award for Wireless Autonomous Systems.

September 2017: New course Digital Twins: Model-based Embedded Systems. More.

August 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Madhur Behl who starts as an Assistant Professor at University of Virginia more

July 2017: Congratualtsions to Dr. Zhihao Jiang who will join Toyota InfoTechnology Center, CA.

June 2017: Cogratulations to Dr. Marco Beccani who will join Apple's health sensors team.

May 2017: Congratulations to Achin Jain and Madhur Behl for winning the American Controls Conference Best Paper Award on energy systems more

April 2017: Authored CRA Whitepaper on Mobility21: Strategic Investments in Trasnportation Infrastructure and Technology for US government.

March 2017: Invited talk on Data Predictive Control at German-American Frontiers of Engineering, National Academy of Engineers more

February 2017: Awarded NSF SBIR-I for Data-driven Demand Response innovation [video]

January 2017: $14 Million DoT University Transportation Center Award with Carnegie Mellon for technolgoies for Safe Autonomy and Mobility (2017-202). [News and more news]

December 2016: A Driver's License Test for Autonomous Vehicles presented to CMU-Penn UTC Advisory Board [watch our crash video]

November 2016: Distinguished lectures at SUNY Stony Brook, University of Notre Dame, and seminar at Clemson University's Automotive Technology Center.

October 2016: F1/10 Autonomous Racing - First International Competition at Embedded Systems Week was a success. Watch the highlights [More]

September 2016: Plenary Talk at GE Controls Symposium at the Global Research Center, Niskayuna, NY

July 2016: Invited talks at IMEC, Leuven; Univeristy of Antwerpen, Belgium and University of Birmingham, CS Department.

July 2016: French-American Exchange Keynote at VERIMAG, Grenoble, France. More

April 2016: Congratulations to Dr. Madhur Behl and Dr. Zhihao Jiang on their successful PhD defences

April 2016: Check out the Autonomous Racing Competition at http://f1tenth.org We hosted 3 tutorials in CPSweek 2016.

March 2016: Rahul Mangharam and Madhur Behl win the Department of Energy's CLEANTECH $50K Prize (Regional). More. This was for DR-Advisor

February 2016: Rahul Mangharam to be awarded US PECASE Presidential Early Career Award from Obama. More

January 2016: Rahul Mangharam to co-Chair COMSNETS 2017

September 2015: Rahul Mangharam invited to talk at IEEE Complex Systems Engineering (ICCSE'15), IEEE COMSNETS'16, IEEE VLSI Design'16

August 2015: Rahul Mangharam invited to present Keynote at IEEE MASS 2015.

July 2015: Rahul Mangharam to co-Chair EMSOFT 2016

May 2015: Matthew O'Kelly is awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for his work on Autonomous Plan Verification & Execution (APEX)

March 2015: Rahul Mangharam to co-Chair BuildSys 2015

BuildSys 2015

February 2015: Rahul Mangharam to co-Chair RTSS 2015 (WSN Track).

RTSS 2015

Also on FORMATS'15, E-Energy'15, WFCS'15, LCTES'15, ICCPS'16 Program Committees.

January 2015: Rahul Mangharam is the Penn PI for the newly awarded $4.2MM NSF CPS Frontiers project on CyberHeart: Compositional, Approximate, and Quantitative Reasoning for Medical Cyber-Physical Systems. More.

December 2014: Kuk Jang and Matthew O'Kelly (and team) win the First Prize in the 12th World Embedded Software Competition in Seoul, Korea for xLAB Experience Design & Tech Lab More

Check out these awesome Embedded Systems projects made in my undergradaute course (in 3.5 weeks).

September 2014: Zhihao Jiang wins Semiconductor Research Corp. TECHCON's Best in Session Award for Closed-loop Medical Devices

September 2014: We are in the news for wearables & wireless chargers - BusinessInsider, Knowledge@Wharton, Yahoo Finance

August 2014: Join us for the launch of xLAB - a new lab between Engineering and Design. At WorldCafe Live as part of Penn Science Cafe More

July 2014: Toyota InfoTechnology Center funds research for autonomous vehicles and automotive systems More

June 2014: Rahul Mangharam presents in Special Session on Recent Developemtns in Advanced Control at the 2014 American Controls Conference.

May 2014: Preview our new lab: xLAB: Experience Design & Technology Lab [xlab.upenn.edu] More

April 2014: Rahul Mangharam receives tenure and is promoted to Associate Professor

Mar 2014: Rahul Mangharam wins the 2014 IEEE Benjamin Franklin Key Award for "outstanding technical innovation and technological contributions that have had significant practical applications."

Feb 2014: mLAB launches new Medical Systems website MedCPS.org - take a look!

Feb 2014: mLAB's Zhihao Jiang is invited to Dagstuhl Seminar on The Pacemaker Challenge

Dec 2013: Rahul Mangharam lectures at Cornell, UIUC, UCLA, USC, Kansas University, UC Berkeley

Nov 2013: Rahul Mangharam gives Distinguished Lecture on Medical CPS in UC San Diego

Nov 2013: mLAB joins TerraSwarm Research Center for research on Anytime, Adaptive and Evolutionary Computing and Control.

Aug 2013: Rahul Mangharam gives Distinguished Lecture on Energy CPS in Kansas State University

Aug 2013: mLAB's George Chen wins the 1st Prize in the Summer SUNFEST REU competition.

June 2013: mLAB's Medical Cyber-Physical Systems project is featured in the Mathworks Newsletter More

May 2013: mLAB's ProtoDrive Electric Vehicle Teamwin the Distinguished Project prize at the 2013 Intel/Cornell Cup for Embedded Systems.

April 2013: mLAB's Miroslav Pajic wins the 2013 Joseph and Rosaline Wolf Award from Penn Engineering, for Best Dissertation.

April 2013: Rahul Mangharam organizes the RTAS Industrial Session at CPS Week More

April 2013: Rahul Mangharam co-chairs the 4th Medical CPS Workshop at CPS Week More

February 2013: Rahul Mangharam receives the NSF CAREER Award for Medical Cyber-Physical Systems. More

January 2013: mLAB receives increased funding from DoE Energy Efficient Buildisng HUB More

January 2013: mLAB receives incresed funding from DoT CMU-Penn University Transportation Center More

January 2013: Rahul Mangharam's "The Car and The Cloud: Automotive Architectures for 2020" included in the National Academy of Engineering's "The Bridge". More

December 2012: Rahul Mangharam is invited to speak at the 51st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference in Hawaii. More

November 2012: Rahul Mangharam receives the Intel Early Faculty Career Award. More

November 2012: Rahul Manghram's Heart-on-a-Chip team wins the 1st Prize in the World Embedded Systems Competition in Seoul, Korea. More

November 2012: Rahul Manghram's ProtoDrive Electric Vehicle Drivetrain team wins the 3rd Prize in the World Embedded Systems Competition in Seoul, Korea. More

November 2012: Rahul Manghram's team wins the ACM BuildSys Best Demo Award in Toronto. More

September 2012: mLAB's Miroslav Pajic wins the 2011 ACM SIGBED/SIGSOFT Frank Anger Memorial Award for cross-disciplinary research between embedded systems and software engineering.

September 2012: mLAB's first two Ph.D. students, Truong Nghiem and Miroslav Pajic, graduate!

September 2012: Rahul Manghram speaks on automotive architectures at the National Academy of Engineering, US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium. More

August 2012: Best Paper Award No minee at TACAS.18th International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (with Zhihao Jiang and Miroslav Pajic).

August 2012: mLAB team wins Intel Innovators $50K Award for Haptic Belt for the Blind.

May 2012: mLAB team wins Intel/Cornell Embedded Systems Cup. People's Choice Award and Project Award, May 2012. More

May 2012: mLAB team wins 1st Prize Winner of School of Engineering Senior Design Project. More

April 2012: mLAB team wins Best Presentation Award at ACM IPSN Conference, Cyber-Physical Systems Week, Beijing, China. (for paper with Miroslav Pajic and Zhihao Jiang) 2012. More

April 2012: Best Student Paper Award at IEEE RTAS, 18th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (with Miroslav Pajic and Zhihao Jiang) 2012. More

June 2011: mLAB team wins 1st Prize in Honeywell User Group OneWireless Competition, Pheonix, Arizona (with Mansi Aneja, Miroslav Pajic and Harsh Jain). More

May 2011: mLAB's Madhur Behl wins the Richard K. Dentel Memorial Prize in Urban Transportation


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