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Undergraduate Design Projects

2012 Heart on Chip - Pacemaker Verification System

Team: Varun Sampath, Shilpa Sarode and Sriram Radhakrishnan

First Prize Winner at 9th World Embedded Systems Programming Contest, Seoul, Korea
1st Prize Winner of Overall School of Engineering Senior Design Project
Honorable Harold Berger Award for Best ESE Senior Design Project
IEEE President's Award, Finalist

2012 HAWK: Helicopter Aircraft Wielding Kinect (Quadrotors)

Team: Kevin Conley, Matthew Hale, Paul Gurniak and Theodore Zhang

Intel/Cornell Embedded Systems Cup – Project Award
Honorable Mention Award for Senior Design Project

2012 Haptic Belt for the Blind

Team: Eric Berdinis and Jeff Kiske (Penn). Jatin Sharma, Tushar Chugh, Rolly Seth (Young India Fellowship)

Accenture Innovation Jockeys - Grand Finale Winner
Google Zeitgeist Young Minds Award
Health 2.0 conference Winners
Intel/Cornell Embedded Systems Cup – People's Choice Award
Intel Innovators $50K Award

2011 RAVEN: Remote Aerial Vehicle for Search and Rescue

Team: Paul Martin and William Etter Jr.

Frederick Ketterer Memorial Award for Best Senior Design Project
Demonstrated in front of 450 people at CPSWeek 2011
Wrote a CPSWeek paper on Cooperative Flight Guidance of Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

2009 Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Networks

Team: Brandon Duick, Danny Lustig and Andrew Avrin

Honorable Harold Berger Award for Best ESE Senior Design Project