Selected Recent Presentations

T. Sinno and M. Prasad, Atomistic Stress Calculations for Investigating Point Defect Reactions, AIChE, Reno, Fall 2001.

T. Sinno, Internally Consistent Modeling of Solid-State Aggregation at the Atomic and Continuum Scales, Foundations of Molecular Modeling and Simulation (FOMMS), Keystone, CO, Summer 2003.

S. Kapur, M. Prasad, and T. Sinno, Large Scale Atomistic Simulation of Carbon-Mediated Self-Interstitial Clustering in Silicon, AIChE, San Francisco, Fall 2003.

J. Kanter and T. Sinno, Self-Consistent Kinetic Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulations, AIChE, San Francisco, Fall 2003.

T. Frewen, T. Sinno, W. Haeckl, and W. von Ammon, Cooperative Modeling and Parameterization of Transport and Reaction Phenomena in Silicon Processing, AIChE, San Francisco, Fall 2003.

M. Prasad and T. Sinno, A Hybrid Molecular Dynamics Approach for Efficient Simulation of Solid-State Aggregation, AIChE, Austin, Fall 2004.

S. Kapur, J. C. Crocker, and T. Sinno, On the Configurational Entropy of Atomic Clusters in Crystalline Solids, AIChE, Austin, Fall 2004.

T. Sinno, T. A. Frewen, W. Haeckl, and W. von Ammon, A Systems-Based Approach to Quantitative Modeling of Point Defect Transport and Reaction in Silicon, 4th International Symposium on Advanced Science and Technology of Silicon Materials, Kona, Hawaii, November 2004.