studentship positions

The Laboratory for Specification, Analysis and Transformation of 
Software (SAnToS) at Kansas State University announces openings
for several funded Ph.D. studentships for Autumn 1999.  

The laboratory consists of 5 faculty members, Matthew Dwyer, John 
Hatcliff, Michael Huth, David Schmidt, and Allen Stoughton, as well 
as several visiting and post-doctoral researchers, doctoral and masters

The lab's research is devoted to theory and application of such topics as
program logics, static analysis, semantics, abstract interpretation,
partial evaluation, and model checking. 

Current projects include:
- Development and application of a common framework for expressing
  data-flow analyses, abstract interpretations, and model checking,
  where temporal logic is used as the common language for discourse.

- Application of partial evaluation to naive static analysis algorithms
  so as to generate useful implementations of slicing, code inlining,
  flow analysis, etc.

- Design and implementation of tools for compiling Java source code to 
  abstracted transition systems that can be used by non-formal methods
  experts to model check rudimentary safety properties. 

- Comparative empirical evaluation of existing approaches to finite-state
  verification to characterize effectiveness of automated
  verification with regards to classes of systems and correctness

The lab has strong ties to both the programming languages and software 
engineering research communities.  Laboratory members, including students,
actively participate through publication, presentation, and committee
membership in top international conferences.

Students with interests in either foundational or systems aspects of
program analysis will find the lab an excellent place to further their
studies and are encouraged to apply.

For more information about the work in SAnToS, consult the web-site
For information about application for advanced degree studies, see